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  1. Fuel Injector Restoration

    I recently went on what was no less an adventure with my 1988 Ranger with a 2.9L V6 after having a problem with a rusted fuel system. My fuel pumps (in tank pump and high pressure frame pump) were both clogged and destroyed after sitting for a few years. I’m pretty sure this is due to alcohol...
  2. AllanD are you out there?

    Anyone heard much from AllanD? I'm waiting on a rebuilt transmission from him... and he's not responding to PMs? If anyone can contact him, give him a ping please, I need the tranny and he's been paid already. Jon
  3. AllanD --- where are thee?

    Anyone have contact info for AllanD? I'm in the middle of a business transaction with him and I guess he's having computer problems? I'm getting ready to suggest that we pitch in and buy him a $400 dell or something just to get him back on the forums! : )

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