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  1. '07 Ranger 3.0L stumble on WOT, backfire, random misfire

    The 2007 Ranger Sport I bought in October this year has been a money pit. I am ready to sell it and keep my '98 Ranger. Haven't solved the random misfire and stumble on acceleration problem yet. I have fixed several others. I am surprised the PO was able to drive it. It was short 2.5 quarts of...
  2. Joined from SE Florida

    I've been using the information from the forum for some time now to troubleshoot my 1998 Ranger XLT 4.0L that I'm selling after 9 years and my new acquisition 2007 Ranger Sport 3.0L. I have found some very useful information and troubleshooting methods. I decided to join to post some of my...

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