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  1. No power under full throttle

    I've installed new air filter fuel filter and maf assembly. Also installed a new muffler, tps, crank sensor and cam sync. Didnt replace all at once just one at a time to see if there was any change. I also put new 02 sensors on but they were some cheapo ones off rock auto. I'm kinda baffled
  2. No power under full throttle

    So I hooked up a fuel gauge this morning and found pressure dropped from 60psi at idle to about 45 wide open. Also hooked up our big scanner at work to view live data. It showed a tps update rate way out of range first off. Secondly I looked at ignition timing. It started out 27-28 degrees at...
  3. No power under full throttle

    I've got a 99 extended cab 4x4 auto with the ohv 4.0. It runs good under normal driving conditions, when you floor it, it just gives up. I mean it gains speed but real slow, it runs better at half throttle than on the floor. When I bought the truck it wouldn't rev even in neutral. So I pulled...

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