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  1. Cat location?

    He wanted 1200 offered 1k before I knew it was three cats, just figured it was the rear one
  2. Cat location?

    I might not even buy it, I looked up the kbb on, seems like a decent 3rd part value but I'm looking for something cheap for winter, it does seem like it has a lot of life left in it though
  3. Cat location?

    Well thats going to cost a fortune lol whole exhaust
  4. Cat location?

    Ok he says it's single exhaust all cats were cut off, so there's 3 fxcking cats on it?
  5. Cat location?

    It's the 4.0 v6 not sure If dual or not havnt looked yet
  6. Cat location?

    Cats wats were cut out
  7. Cat location?

    I'm going to look at a 04 xlt 4d 6ft bed, needs cat and fuel pump, 100k miles, my question is, does it ha e 1 or cats, and what's the location? Thanks in advance

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