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  1. havnt posted on here in a while

    not alot has changed, I have a 10 month old son now and a needy gf so modding has been limited... lol heres my pride and joy then just some randoms then a few from the turboranger meet hope you enjoyed my whoring
  2. washed and waxed the "whip"

    not bad for a quickie hopefully some changes in the next couple weeks....
  3. Parma, Ohio "get yo grub on" April 10th

    Me and some FRF guys are gonna get some food and chill that saturday while Im in the area if anyone is interested, let me know and Ill give you details, just something small
  4. face lift

    I got a deal on a 04+ front end with a modded 01-03 powerdome hood thats cut out in the rear for heat extraction... then got my black headlights in yesterday Gotta get 2 new 33's and my fuel pump with some tlc to the frame and the interior, finally getting this thing how I like it!
  5. few new pics

    I installed my 10k hid's and we got a "new" tractor haha our 1944 H my truck compared to dad's 99 dodge K Im done whoring
  6. Ohio meet august 15

    going to mohican for some conoeing, gocarts and camping. camping at http://www.mwcdlakes.com/pleasant.htm should be a good time. heres the site for mohican http://www.mohicanadventures.com/ were camping friday and saturday night. figured Id throw this here too.
  7. Body lift, new wheels and tires

    Well after PATIENTLY waiting on discount tire to get my wheels shipped in it finally paid off. This is a procomp AAL, maxxed torsion bars, 3" PA body lift and 33x12.50x17 Procomp mud terrains wrapped around Procomp 7105 Extreme Alloys. Im really impressed with the outcome. I love the lift, the...
  8. been gone a while

    Well since my last visit Ive added a 2" AAL from procomp and also maxxed out my t-bars. Plan on doing a BL in spring and save some money for an RCD with 18s and 35s. Anywho, here she is. Can you guess what my skidplate is made from? haha
  9. New Ohio Member

    Hey, Im Chris! I have a 2002 Ranger XLT 4x4 with the 4.0. I have done some mods to it but nothing too intense yet. Check it out and tell me what you think! before my wheels/tires lol Enjoy

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