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  1. Walk of shame

    Unfortunately I ended up pulling the tranny and tearing it down. The pump is absolutely burned up and one of the pump gears is welded to the spacer plate.
  2. 4r44e transmission rebuild

    So I'm doing my first trans rebuild on a 1999 ranger 3.0 4x4. Everything was going great until I replaced the overdrive sprag in the center shaft. Now the center shaft won't slide into the sun gear. Any idea what I did wrong?
  3. Walk of shame

    Okay so my tranny is toast. I'm going to attempt a rebuild. What is the proper way to replace the overdrive scrag bearing? Do you just tap it out and tap the new one in?
  4. Walk of shame

    Thanks, I'll try it before I drop the tranny.
  5. Walk of shame

    I'll definitely double check when I drop the trans next weekend. I will definitely double check when I drop the teams again next weekend.
  6. Walk of shame

    Lol the input shaft was definitely there. The pump is where I was leaning as well. I was just hoping the community mind could figure out a way where I didn't have to rebuild the transmission🤣🤣
  7. Walk of shame

    I should clarify, I didn't forget to put fluid in I'm just having trouble reading the dipstick. It's covered in fluid and I can't tell where the level is.
  8. Walk of shame

    I put 2 quarts in the torque converter when I installed it, and put 4 quarts before I started it.
  9. Walk of shame

    🤣🤣 Torque converter is connected.
  10. Walk of shame

    How much fluid should it take with the new torque converter?
  11. Walk of shame

    Linkage is connected and working with the shifter.
  12. Walk of shame

    I need help. I dropped a crate rebuild 3.0 into my 99 ranger with an automatic trans and 4wd. Engine runs beautifully and transmission worked fine before swap but now nothing happens when I put it into gear. I pulled the trans and double checked that the torque converter was seated properly then...
  13. New to the 4wd world

    Outstanding! Thanks for the info!
  14. New to the 4wd world

    I've got a 99 ranger 4x4. When I removed the t-case transmission fluid started leaking from the transmission side. Is this normal or is there a seal in there that I need to replace?
  15. 99 B3000 4x4 with tortion, upper control arms

    Why is the drivers side upper control arm different than the passenger side? The passenger side is a two part adjustable and the drivers side is a standard one piece with no adjustments.
  16. 1998 mazda b3000 manual locking hubs I can't find

    the ones for the 98-00 ranger fit my 98-00 b3000 just fine

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