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  1. I think I broke it. Easy engine swaps?

    Two weeks ago I had a no start, no spark issue. Running some tests I narrowed it down to the HEI control module (truck was converted to HEI before I bought it). After replacing that and the distributor cap & rotor, it still wouldn't start so I hooked up the tractor and had my dad pull me around...
  2. '86 Carbed w/ HEI Ignition/Power issues

    Okay so here is the story about a demon truck that has been altered so far from stock that I have absolutely no idea where to start. My main issue: Random periods of NO power. Nothing to any gauges/lights/radio, nothing to starter, won't crank, nothing. My most recent experience was driving...
  3. Hello from Michigan!

    Hey everyone, My name is Alex and I'm a chiropractor in SE Michigan about an hour north of Detroit. I've been playing around with mechanical stuff my whole life so I've got a decent working knowledge but I am always learning something new. My most recent project is a 1986 Extended Cab Ranger...

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