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  1. INFO: 2004 B3000 to 2.3 Engine swap

    gears the b3000 has 4.10's and the 2.3 ranger had 3.73's
  2. INFO: 2004 B3000 to 2.3 Engine swap

    I recently put a 2.3l engine in a 2004 mazda b3000. Since there isn't really info available online on how to do this or if it's even possible, I decided to write a post on it. This could even be used as a tech article. The Vehicle 2004 b3000 with sport package (torsion bar suspension). Manual...
  3. Ranger 2.8 with Holley 07448, idles at 3000rpm

    Hey I put a 2.8L engine in my '89 ranger. Done the duraspark conversion. carb sucked so i put in a holley 07448. The engine idles at 3-4 thousand rpm. Idle is open just enough to keep it running. Tried frigging with the jets, even with them leaned in 100% the engine will still run up to 4k rpm...

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