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  1. TRS Word Association Game

  2. Rear brakes

    Former brake mechanic with 40 years experience here. On the backing plates for rear brakes, you will find 3 flat dimpled areas for each shoe. Clean these areas with brake cleaner and a wire brush. If they are deeply scored from not being greased previously, grind or file flat or replace backing...
  3. Three Mile Island Netflix documentary.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the infamous TRS thread drift. Sounds like a good competition for the next Round up.
  4. Three Mile Island Netflix documentary.

    P.S. how did we get from Nuke plants to pissing in boots? Urea power? Hmmm. Oh yeah, DEF.
  5. Three Mile Island Netflix documentary.

    My 2 cents.. When I was a younger man and had a six pack instead of a pony keg for abs, I worked as a assembler/mechanic for a Co. that built power plant, flight, and submarine simulators, my clearance prevents me from saying too much, but the monitoring equipment, gauges, annunciators, etc. I...
  6. Airbag light light (seat belt bad) on 01 Ranger???

    For your lifes sake do not delete. It does that for a very good reason. The accident/inertia tensioner is on the buckle side. They are not cheap to replace. There may be a diode or something that is replaceable. RonD can speak better to what is involved. My connection under the seat acts up now...
  7. 94' 3.0 Valve Lifters Major Failure, ADVICE NEEDED

    Roller contact area looks sketchy to me. I have build a few 5.0 engines that have same lifter, dogbone, and spider set-up and would not reuse a cam that looked like that. Since you have to get new lifters, I would recommend a new cam as well. Not required for roller lifters, just to be safe...
  8. Gasoline Alley

    Thanks Joe, you just voided warranties on all gas powered equipment ever made. Ethanol is evil. Great for mower repair business though.
  9. TRS Word Association Game

  10. TRS Word Association Game

    Jackin' it in San Diego
  11. No speaker outputs on Pioneer

    If yellow instead of blue it was left cause it also had an "L". Don't ask me, that's what redneck trailer guy said. It worked for us at the landscaper with 20 trucks and 8 trailers.
  12. No speaker outputs on Pioneer

    I was taught by a redneck trailer guy, that Blue is left cause it has an "L" in it, Brown is right cause it has an "R" in it. I can't type here what he said about white and black wires.
  13. TRS Word Association Game

    Ok I'll bite. "Goose".
  14. Old school skateboards?

    If I could figure out how to post a picture and had the time, I would show you guys my G&S Fiberflex kicktail with Bennett Pro trucks and blue Kriptonic wheels. I barely have time to type this. Have not even stood on it in 30 years. Gotta run.
  15. My first manual

    I learned to drive a clutch on my dads Ford 8N? Golden Jubilee tractor when I was 10. A couple short wheelies and a change of underwear later and it was a piece of cake. Later that day he threw me the keys to the 67 F100 with three on the tree and let me drive around in the field. That was...
  16. 92 Notchback

    Nice notch! I have two 5.0 ponies in my stable. A black 91 GT and a Bimini Blue 92 LX hatch (my wifes).
  17. TRS Word Association Game

    My cousin!
  18. What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Aaaa, Motorcraft battery, Ford dealer? Why no pro-rated warranty? Me no understand?? What am I missing? Besides a few brain cells from misplaced teenage angst.
  19. The autumn years of the ICE should be the golden years for the ICE.

    I have seen small block Chevys on chainsaws for competitions. Talk about heavy equipment! I wanna put my old 5.0 on my Honda pushmower and see how Cali. likes that. So there!
  20. TRS Word Association Game

    Nothing else matters.

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