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  1. The damn fuel strap

    I'm replacing the fuel tank straps on my ranger because they were rotting off. The passenger side is just a bolt that I got off, but the drivers side is a hook, I can't figure out how to get it off. ITS JUST A DAMN FUEL STRAP HOW HARD CAN IT BE. Do I need to take off the bed? Or what. I'm doing...
  2. stupid beeping

    So ive been having a small problem with my 94 ranger. ill get in start it up put my seat belt on and the stupid beeping that my door is open or my light or seat belt arnt on dosint shut off. it just keeps beeping. also my over head light stays on. ive tried closing both my doors over and over...
  3. Baja challenger bumper

    Hey everyone, im intrested in getting a Baja challenger bumper from off road warehouse. http://www.offroadwarehouse.com/products/searchType/vehicleSearch/year/1995/make/Ford/model/Ranger/sfID1/61/sfID2/273/sfID3/17/productID/3660 Anyone have one, is it worth it, ive got a 1995 ranger xlt, do...
  4. Wisconsin

    Hey everyone from wisconsin. My local mudding place was shut down :bawling: , anyone from milwakee area have a place that open for some wheeling?
  5. Proctober fest cancled

    Anybody that was going to go to proctober fest, it is canceled, do not go to procs, the DNR and police are out there and will not let you in
  6. Plasti dip

    Has anyone plasti dipped there rims? or anything else, i want some ideas to possible do.
  7. Proctober fest WI

    Anyone else going to Proctober fest this weekend?
  8. Air intake

    So ive heard some things about my air intake, ive got a 95 xlt 4cl 2.3liter. does anyone know exactly what i can do to my intake to make the truck perform better and possibly get better mileage? im fairly sure that i would basically need to "straight pipe" it. take all the plastic tubing out and...
  9. 95 xlt 3'' lift

    hey everyone, so ive got my 95 rnager xlt 4cl 2.3 liter, 5 speed manual. i want to put a lift on it, 3 inches preferred. i dont have a clue where to get any parts. but here are my concerns, if i do a body lift, would i have to get clutch and shifter extensions, and how bad would it be doing all...
  10. 95 2wd rear end

    Hey everybody, so ive got a 95 ranger 2wd 4cl 2.3 liter, ive heard that i should lock the rear end. i know i could weld it but i dont want to take that risk, anyone know a good cheap kit i could get, would i need new axials, anything else, ive never done this before so i dont know what i need...
  11. Hayden from Wisconsin

    Hey everyone, I'm Hayden from wisconsin, I have a 95 ford ranger XLT 2wd 4cl 2.3 liter. It's purple!! It's basically stock right now, but my plans for it is: 3in suspension lift 2in body lift 32in tires 15 in rims ( I have 16.5, why they did that, I have no clue) Rear end locker Straight pipe...

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