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  1. 302 Swap

    I currently have an 85 ranger with the 2.3L OHC automatic. It has this bad knock to it I was wondering what all I would need to do to swap it out with a 302? Also if I went back with a 2.3L what year range would it have to be from?
  2. Rod Knock

    I got an 1985 Ranger 2.3 and its got a knock it, its sounds like a rod knocking, it gets worse when you give it gas, was wondering was there anyway to make it quit other then a rebuild.
  3. Help Please?

    When I start my '85 up it has a small "tick" which gets worse when you give it gas, when idling after a few mins gets loud. There is oil slung all on the right side of my motor and on the air hoses, coolant hoses and everything in the vicinity, afraid to drive it was wondering if anybody could...
  4. Gas gauge not working

    The gas gauge on my '85 is on empty all the time the only times it moves is when the truck is started or turned off it just goes further below "E" or back to it. Was wondering could it be the gauge broken or the floater in the tank. I have to keep track of my miles everytime I get gas...
  5. Oil light flicking on

    My truck is an 85 2.3L EFI 4 speed auto, I just done a tune up on it but now when its idling in park the oil light just barley flickers when you put it in drive it comes on bright but going down the road its off but as soon as you come to a stop its back on gotta hold your foot on the gas just a...
  6. 85 Ranger Spitting & Sputtering

    I have an 85 ranger 2wd with the 2.3L in it and I've been having problems with it for awhile. It was running good and then all of a sudden it started spitting and sputter, so I changed the plugs, wires with motorcraft, and replaced the IAC, it ran good for a day or two and started acting up...
  7. Removal of front fender on 85 Ranger

    I was wondering how difficult it was to remove my left front fender to straighten out a dent from a fender bender, could I be able to beat it out without taking it off of would it be best to take it off? I see 4 bolts on top, 2 behind the headlight and one on the inside of the door opening, I...
  8. 85 Ford Ranger 2.3L Alternator Wiring

    I need help I just replaced my alternator on my 85 ford ranger now my battery won't stay charged. The wires I have is the power which I have it right cause it starts but the other two is where I need help. I have to wires coming out of one plastic wiring cover, one of the wires is orange with...

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