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  1. the slut

    i bought this jewel last summer for $250.00. plans for the truck are to make a daily driven work beater out of it.
  2. TRS-3 20th Anniversary Ford Ranger

    i would build a 2011 ranger with old school twist on it.
  3. TRS 20th Anniversary Trail Ride - Southington Offroad Park - Ohio

    im in post the date so i can take the time off
  4. led door locks

    ive seen on this site and other sites guys using led lights in place of the door lock pins. i want to do this to my truck and i need some info on how to make this work
  5. power windows

    i recently converted my 06 to power windows using all stock parts from a 2004 ranger. i like the looks and design of 07-11 switches and interior grab handle better the older trucks. does anyone have wiring information on the 07-11 window switches?
  6. 4wd not working

    i have 1996 ranger 4.0 auto 4x4. the 4wd isnt working. i changed the switch in the dash and the motor on the transfer case and checked the fuses. need help with thus issue?
  7. sun roof

    while i was at work yesterday dismantling a 2001 ford explorer sport trac equipped with power rear window and sun roof. the gears got to turning when i noticed the ranger like shape of the rear window. does anyone know if the rear windows will interchange and if the sun roof will fit in a ranger?
  8. 3.0

    im thinking about buying a 1998 ext cab 2wd with the 3.0 automatic. i know in the taurus the 3.0 wasw good little engine but i dont know to much about the 3.0 in a ranger. ive owned 2.3 and 4.o rangers and really liked both motors. so how well does the 3.0 perform in a ranger?
  9. power mirrors

    i have a 2006 ranger with manual mirrors i got a set of color matched mirrors from a 2008 ranger that are power. does anybody have any info on how to wire these mirrors up in my truck?
  10. electric fan

    i have a 2006 with the 4.0l im wanting to the clutch fan and replace it with an electric fan. i got an electric fan from a 2002 ranger with the twin cam 2.3l would that fan work on my 4.0l?
  11. hid projectors

    i work at a salvage yard so i have access to plenty of lights. what factory installed projectors would be the easiest to retrofit in my ranger?
  12. wheel painting

    iam wanting to paint my wheels black or dark gray and im wanting advice on a good product to use
  13. door panels

    i have seen on this forum or another ranger forum a thread about recovering door panels on 94-11 rangers. the thread was talking about how to remove the fabric part that is glued to top of the door panel. i have been searching the forums and google for a few days now and cant find it. does...
  14. power windows

    can any one tell me if the door glass is the same between a manual window and a power window?
  15. OHC install

    i installed a ohc in my 06 and i was wondering if the explorer ohc could be installed in a 93-97 ranger and if so how would it wire up?
  16. mustang wheels

    i acquired a set 17 inch mustang bullitt wheels for my 93 ranger project. i know i will need to run wheel spacers in order for the center caps to fit on the front. what size spacer would i need?
  17. 2wd

    need some input on a 1998 2wd reg cab short bed 2.5l auto?
  18. new from ohio

    adam longtime ranger owner new to this site
  19. explore power heated leather seats

    i cant seem to find anything on wiring diagrams for ford explorer sport heated power leather seats? the seats are from a 2002 explorer sport they only have 1 plug its has 5 wires which are gray/yellow, red/black, blue/white, black, green. where do these wires need to be hooked up at? i have a...

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