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  1. 05 mustang. No power to cooling fan

    Another little tidbit I found. Wouldn't come out of park, right blinker wouldn't work.....it was a fuse
  2. 05 mustang. No power to cooling fan

    It's red on mustang too. Works perfectly. Thanks all for info
  3. 05 mustang. No power to cooling fan

    Car was in bad accident to passenger front and some not so special bodywork was performed. Already replaced gem module but no telling what other sins they have hidden. Where is mass sensor heater?
  4. 05 mustang. No power to cooling fan

    Cooling fan has not worked right since I got the car. You had to turn ac on for fan to work.Im in the middle of redoing ac and now fan won't work. Is there anywhere under hood I can get 12volts with key on to activate a relay?
  5. Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    my favorite on site
  6. 86 Bronco II... G-Unit

    Nice B2. Hope mine turns out as good
  7. 84 Bronco 2 dash

    Thank you
  8. 84 Bronco 2 dash

    What wire goes to 4x4 light?
  9. 84 Bronco 2 dash

    I'm mounting my gauges on thick plexiglass. I cut the center cluster out of my dash and will fit Plexi in its place. Going to cover Plexi with a carbon fiber decal
  10. froze motor

    Gave up on 92 block. Rust damage so probably will save for a bite job. Going back to my original 84 block
  11. 05 Mustang 4.0 start issue

    Turned out to be the GEM module
  12. Oil filter in 5.0 swap

    Very nice. Thank You
  13. Oil filter in 5.0 swap

    I like through the core support. Very clean
  14. Oil filter in 5.0 swap

    Trying a different way of mounting oil filter. I have an adjustable oil filter mount and would like to know if filter has to be mounted down. Does the filter matter?
  15. 05 Mustang 4.0 start issue

    Bought new scanner. !5 faults in body control module. Got another and installed. Same exact faults so it cant be a bcm. What can it be. faults are all over the place. no left low beam,no right front blinker, bunch of random stuff. Car will start but wont go in gear, Dont want to make a shop rich...
  16. 05 Mustang 4.0 start issue

    Bought a decent scanner. 15 back faults. Right behind where accident happened. Will let you guys know if it fixes it. Thanks for input
  17. 05 Mustang 4.0 start issue

    According to schematic, all feeds come out of low voltage board. It is on the side of wreck but farther back. I'm assuming that board is inside fuse box in passenger kick panel
  18. 05 Mustang 4.0 start issue

    Right headlight works. Right front running/blinker do not
  19. 05 Mustang 4.0 start issue

    Thinking about trading for a Kia
  20. 05 Mustang 4.0 start issue

    Yes. Here's a new one. Got in Today and hit key. No start so I held it. 10 seconds later it starts but locked in park. Also right rear lights 2 of 3 don't work but bulbs are good. Car is haunted

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