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  1. lights pulse

    everything pulses like lighting and the alt gauge. sometime goes high enough where the alt light comes on. ive changed batteries and alt with no improvement. does anyone know where the grounding straps are on a 97 4x4 so i can replace them to see if that would fix this issue. also whats the...
  2. prebent lines

    anyone know who carries prebent brake line for a 97 ranger ext cab 4x4?
  3. lights/gauges pulsing

    im having an issue with the lights pulsing sometimes pretty bad. what would cause this besides an alt? ive already replaced that and it still does it. is there a negative frame mount that could be corroded? any ideas would be great. im afraid it will go too high and fry something not to...
  4. 97 to 08 lights

    anyone have any videos or pics on how to convert 97 headlights/turn signals to 08+?
  5. wiring from 97 to 08 lights

    what wires do i need to splice together on my 98+conversion. its a 97 ranger to a 08 frontend.
  6. bumper bracket for 97 to 08

    anyone have any pics of their bumper brackets for a 98+ conversion?
  7. egr

    does anyone know if you can buy a stainless steel egr valve? ive got to replace mine every few years and its a pain. or is there a way to delete it all together?
  8. pulsing

    ive changed out my alt thinking it was the regulator with no luck. i unplug my alt and it quits. i unhook my battery and it keeps doing it. so any ideas besides rewiring the whole thing. sometimes it will go pretty high on amps where im afraid its going to burn up the wires. any help would...
  9. shackle mounts

    getting ready to replace my rear shackle mounts but first i was wanting to know if there are any tricks on getting the bolt out of the spring if it seized in? any ideas would be great.
  10. 33s

    will 33x1250x15 fit on a 97 ranger 4x4? i dont really go offroading so what would i need to do to get them to work.
  11. painted textured pieces

    anyone have any pics of their paint jobs on textured pieces like the valance, grill, ext?
  12. jeep rims on ranger

    anyone got any pics of jeep sahara 18in wheels on a ranger? also what kind of wheel adapter did u go with? did they fit over the hub?
  13. fuel tank

    anyone know where to find a replacement 22 gallon fuel tank for my 97 ranger or know how to fix it? i havent dropped it yet but its cracked or has a hole in it. i know there are tank repair sealer kits for steel tanks but do they have one for plastic tanks? any help would be great.
  14. flares

    will the fender flares on a 97 fit a 08 fender? they look like they would.
  15. grille

    will a 04-05 grill bolt on a 08 ranger? they look the similar i just want the honeycomb grille.
  16. fog light valance

    has anyone sanded the texture off a fog light valance to make it smooth? just wondering what to use and the best way to do it. also does anyone know if 97 fender flares will fit a 08 fender? looks real close.
  17. radiator

    will a 08 4.0 radiator fit in my 97 4.0 ranger? both are automatic. are the hose connections in the same spots and does it mount up the same?
  18. 08 to 97 bumper mounts?

    anyone ever fabbed these up for a 08 converion for a 97 ranger? i getting ready to start my conversion in the next few weeks and any help would be great.
  19. 2001 and up frontend swap

    how can i fab up the old radiator support and fenders on my 97 ranger to accept a 01 and up bumper and grill. is there a way to do it? thanks.
  20. lights pulsing

    my lights will pulse sometimes at the same time my alt guage pulses. they quit when i unplug my alt so does that mean my alt is making it do it. if it was wiring wouldnt it keep doing it after i unplug my alt? thanks for the help.

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