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  1. Trans replacement

    I Have a 95 ranger 4.0 4x4 5 speed with an electronic transfer case. Im looking at a trans from an explorer that is a manual, from a 4.0 but has a manual transfer case. Can I use my electronic transfer case on the donor trans? Looks like it should work.
  2. High/ low idle

    My truck idles super low when I start it up. Hot or cold. But when I push in the clutch and come up to a stop sign it idles super high. Like 2500 high. I’m guessing it’s some kind of vacuum leak or something. Here is a picture of a line that is disconnected. I’m not sure where it goes and hoping...
  3. Trouble bleeding with motive bleeder

    Replaced the slave cylinder, hydraulic line and master cylinder in my ranger and got it all together and can’t get it to bleed. I’m using a motive pressure bleeder and pumping it up to 20lbs and bleeding it and it feels great. But when I disconnect the pressure bleeder the pedal looses all...
  4. Manual locking hubs help!

    Converted my automatic hubs to manual because the automatic locking hub nut kept backing off after doing the brakes and rotors. So I get the rugged ridge kit to convert it to manual. Double nut system is simple and should be no problems... i thought. So I followed all the advice I found online...
  5. Instrument cluster swap

    I have a 95 ranger 4.0 manual trans 4x4. None of the gauges work beside the temp and battery so I was gonna swap it out. what gauges would work? Do I have to keep to exclusively manual and 4x4 and 4.0? And what year clusters would work from rangers or explorers? Thanks for the help!
  6. trans messing up speedo *********

    i have a 95 4.0 4x4 5 speed. i dropped the transmission and did a clutch and slave cylinder and when i put it back in, the speedometer was acting up. the speedometer was accelerating alot faster then the truck. i was doing about 25 and it would say i was doing 105 and then the speed limiter...

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