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  1. Fan causing misfires

    Charging system is working - the new alternator puts out 14 v and the battery does hold a charge. With regard to the fan blower, it is any speed. New tidbit, I get the same effect when I turn on the lights, and it is worse when I do both. So current draw seems to be the common point but I...
  2. Fan causing misfires

    My 88 B2 will misfire around 3000 rpm when I turn on the fan. AC compressor is NOT engaged, just the blower fan. I don't know what the connection is, but it is very reproducible.
  3. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    After refurbishing the old injectors and pulling out the trashy "new" injectors, it idles wonderfully now. I also cleaned out the intake plenum with Easy Off Oven Cleaner (after removing all sensors), it looks brand new now inside and out. It has markedly more power now, but still glitches at...
  4. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    No EGR on this model.... :(
  5. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    latest update - still need help. Found that I had a disconnected vacuum line that went from the air filter housing down to the vacuum motor that controls the CWM (puts warm air into the air intake to speed the warm-up process) don't think that is really needed when the temp is 95+ degrees, but...
  6. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    also verified no backpressure in the exhaust so cats are not constipated.
  7. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    0 results for EGR Valve for your 1988 Ford Truck Bronco II 2WD 2.9L MFI OHV 6cyl. I don't think my 88 has an EGR
  8. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    So update on the shaky b2. since the last update, there were a few suggestions. Check coolant - yep, coolant present and accounted for. Spark Plugs - I switched to Motorcraft, the part number that this thing rolled off the factory floor with, had gap independently audited by my friends at...
  9. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    If a standard combustion test shows 150psi and 101psi is the minimum, does that mean I do not need to perform a leak down test or do they test different characteristics?
  10. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    So update, the problem still exists, between 2500 and 3000 rpm I get misfires. I finally broke down and created an access panel to get to the rear (in-tank) fuel pump. I was very surprised at how clean the tank was. Zero sediment but the fuel gauge had stopped working and the pump was making no...
  11. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    We were running "cheap" ($2) plugs initially - actually, my buddy had picked them up and they were the wrong plug entirely. I went and got a set from O'Reilly about $8.99 each but the symptoms have not changed.
  12. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    Thanks for the heads up. Fortunately for him, he was not having misfires, only curious. I am having one cool cylinder and misfires. But after reading that thread, not sure that my that my "cool" pipe is outside of the realm of norm.
  13. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    I did a temperature check this morning and found that cylinder #3 is cooler than the rest by at least 80 degrees and #5 is running hotter than the rest. I was thinking maybe an issue with injector wiring so since #3 and #6 are physically close and on the same bank, I swapped the connectors. The...
  14. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    What brand plugs---- this was key. The brand was Autolite and is now Ac Delco, but the Autolite set that my assistant picked up was not the right set for the B2. The threading only went half way so the spark was not even in the combustion chamber. Now that I have the right plugs in play, I can...
  15. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    Coolant level is steady and full.
  16. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    Update, changed all 6 fuel injectors with no change in behavior. Still runs a little rough and then between 2.5 and 3K it sputters terribly.
  17. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    Update So the stuttering is misfires and they get bad between 2k and 3k rpm. Today I replaced the distributor (thinking it may be the pickup coil) there was no change in behavior. Distributor also included new TFI module, new rotor, new cap. Othering things I have done... Replaced Fuel Filter...
  18. Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    I have been doing work on my son-in-law's 1988 Ford Bronco II VIN 1FMCU12T6JUC37354 Year 1988 Style/Body SPORT UTILITY 2-DR Engine 2.9L V6 OHV 12V It needed a new clutch and we got that done (clutch, pressure plate, fly wheel, pilot bearing, slave cylinder) and that all seems to work fine. Now...
  19. While I have a 2008 Ranger, I also have a 1988 Bronco 2...

    Would this be a good forum to ask questions about my Bronco 2? The folks over at "FullSizeBronco" recommended this group as my Bronco 2 is not a Full Size and is related quite closely to the Ranger.

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