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  1. Diesel 4cyl Isuzu

    Found a generator at work with a Isuzu C240. They wanted me to get rid of it for them, so I did:icon_cheers: Now I want to put it in a ranger and turbo charge it. Anybody know anything about this. I'll sit down and read through and do some searches when I get to my desktop
  2. 4R70W speedometer suggestions?

    Putting a MVB 4R in my 91' Ranger. Was wondering if anyone would like to offer suggestions for hooking up a speedometer.
  3. 4r70w

    Picked up a set of wheels from a guy today who told me a manual valve body in a 4r70w doesn't require the really expensive programming. That right?
  4. T5 for my turbo project

    Currently have a carbureted 302 with a C4, runs great, super fun. In the process of doing a remote twin turbo blowthru installation. Was looking into rebuilding My C4 but its gonna cost to much. I have a T5 that I traded for a gold bracelet I found at the beach. Came with a new clutch, flywheel...
  5. Dimmer to aftermarket guages

    Anybody have experience hooking up after market gauges through the dimmer switch on a 91' Ranger?
  6. 289 swap

    Was wondering how many guys on here have swapped a 289?
  7. auto shutdown relay

    Im having trouble with my 93 STX and I was asking my neighbor for advice. He said his jeep has a asd switch (automatic shutdown relay) that controls all the things that arent' working in my ranger and that could be something to look for. Does anyone know if the 93 3.0 has anything similar to a...
  8. Bronco II gas tank in my 91' Ranger XLT

    Got a rear mounted Bronco II gas tank and planning to install it in my 91 4.0 (now 5.0) Ranger. Figured I would put some pictures on here and maybe get some ideas from whoever has some.
  9. Twin turbo blow thru 5.0

    I've decided to turbo my carbureted 5.0. I really don't know anything about turbo charging other than what I've read in the past 48 hours. I know what I wanna do I just gotta figure out how to go about it. I'm interested in a twin turbo remote setup. Few modifications Ill need to do to my truck...
  10. My 91' 5.0

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw-HmkjBvV4 http://i1063.photobucket.com/albums/t507/Hawai5oh/88674913-D258-4FBA-9ADF-C84F74D3A8C8-2652-000002CAED0AAC79_zpsb69dd772.jpg
  11. no spark in my 93 3.0L STX

    Room mate destroyed my transmission so I had it rebuilt, put it back in and in the process developed a few problems. Fuel pump which I replaced. @ relays went bad, and now I have no spark. I had my icm checked at Oriellys and they said Im good there. Any suggestions on where to look next?
  12. Splash coil springs?

    http://www.fordrangerforum.com/lowered-suspension/13367-lowered-ranger-splash-suspension-ranger-xl-2.html Here a link about the spring codes. Was on ford ranger forum
  13. Splash coil springs?

    The link I found was on ranger forums or rps I think. Basically the spring code for the shorter splash springs is "K K". Anyway, what I ended up doing was going on rock auto and looking up the replacement springs for a 97 Ranger Splash. The cheapest set are sold by Moog. If you look in the...
  14. Splash coil springs?

    there is another thread about the splash springs. found the info I was looking for.
  15. Splash coil springs?

    Found this ranger at the junkyard. Looks like a splash but hard to say for sure. This is the door sticker: Does anyone know if these are the splash coils springs. The code says (E B) I googled a bunch of stuff but could find anything. Ok. Thanks...
  16. Front suspension tuning

    This trucks at the junk yard where I live. Does this sticker tell you what coil springs it has?
  17. Front suspension tuning

    Went on rock auto and you can buy a pair of brand new splash springs for a 94 2.3L for 56.00 plus shipping. They will fit on my 91' and will give me an inch drop?
  18. Front suspension tuning

    That's the info I'm looking for. Thank you Josh. What I did to my rear end was first the flip kit. I got the axle flip bracket and the drop shocks. 4-5 inch drop i think? That was way to low for one because the front was still a mile high. Looked too Mexican for my liking. And two because the...
  19. Front suspension tuning

    They don't make an adjustable air shock you can use to adjust ride height?
  20. Front suspension tuning

    So pretty happy with my rear set up. Explorer 8.8, ex leafs, flip kit, djm longer shackles, factory ex trac bars, stock ex sway bar. Sits just how I want it. The front needs to be stiffened up a bit and lowered an inch for a couple different reasons. Would adjustable shocks be the best way to go...

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