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  1. How much work to swap a 4L into an 89 ranger?

    I found a solid 89 ranger with the 2.9L v6 for $600. Other than the 2.9, it looks great. How hard is it to swap in a 4L into one that came stock with the 2.9? Are there any kits out there? Or are there any other popular engine swaps? Something that would allow me to keep the 4x4
  2. Any issues with 99 b4000's?

    I found a nice looking B4000 4x4, im just wondering if these years have any known issues? Any problems finding lifting kits?
  3. Are the 4cyl B series, not recomended for offroading?

    If I were to get a B2200, would it be a bad idea to lift it a little, with slightly larger tires? Or would that be too much for the little 4 banger? Are the little 2.2L's reliable engines?
  4. Is the mazda b4000 a reliable truck?

    I found a 94 B4000 4x4 5spd with 184,000km's on it (114,332 miles) for $1000. To me, this sounds too good to be true, but im gunna check it out anyways. Are these trucks reliable? What should I look for when checking it out? Problem areas for rust? Am I correct that the v6 is the 4L, the same...
  5. Best equipped years for the explorers?

    What years came best equipped from the factory? Also, how tough are the auto trans in these things?
  6. Can explorers be made to look cool?

    My search for the perfect ranger isn't going so well, so im branching out to the explorers, since they already have the 4L v6. My only issue is that, for the most part, they dont look very manly/cool in stock form, they make me think of moms driving their kids to soccer practice lol. Id like to...
  7. Is this worth $2000??

    For the most part, its what im looking for. 4x4, 4.0, manual, sounds like it has maintenance records etc... the only issues are that its a regular cab (only wanted an ext cab to fit subwoofers, but I might be able to fit them anyways), and the km's. For you americans, 267,000km's = 165,906...
  8. Can anything be done to resolve known issues with the early 2.9L v6's?

    I found a really nice 86 ranger with a rebuilt 2.9 (only 50,000km's). Ive read up a little on the early 2.9's and its apparent they have some problems. Is there anything I can do right off the bat, to make it a more reliable motor?
  9. How much space is there behind the seats of a reg. cab Ranger?

    Im trying to find an extended can ranger so I can have a sub box in the back, im just wondering if there is any room to squeeze a small sub enclosure behind the seats in a regular cab Ranger. edit: to specify, im referring to the anything up to a 94 ranger
  10. Does this seem like a fair deal?

    Im just wondering if this ranger seems like a good deal. The mileage is a little higher than I normally get, but the price is ok. For those that dont know, 310,000km's - 192,625 miles. Im just wondering how much it might cost to either have it rebuilt, or swap in a new engine.
  11. Anything wrong with the 2.9's?

    Im just asking because most of the rangers im finding in my price range, have the 2.9. Do they have enough torque for offroading? Im not worried about going fast around town or anything. Besides the power, are they reliable? Easy to work on? Cheap on parts?
  12. Best years for the older ranges?

    what years were best equiped from the factory, and what years should I avoid? Nothing too new, I can only afford up to like a 97 or so..
  13. Ranger, or bronco II? Do either fit my needs?

    Hey guys, so im completely new to the 4x4 scene, and need some advice on what to get. Ive been going back and forth between a first gen cherokee, bronco II, or a ranger. I have $3500 to spend, but dont want to spend more than $1500-$2000 on the initial vehicle purchase. Id like to have a grand...

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