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  1. The $225000.00 Ford flex

  2. What Does Everybody Shoot? (bows)

    I still have a Golden Eagle Turbo Hunter compound, a Stemmler take down recurve and in the process of making bows out of pacific yew which I have a wack of. I don`t shoot as much as I use to though just cause I don`t have the yard I use to have.
  3. Flashing anti theft light

    My truck is a 2009 Ranger and the anti theft light normally flashes 3-times. I need to bring it in at the dealer but wonder if anybody knows what flashing 5-times mean?
  4. Wipers- The extra sweep

    I hate this feature and want to get rid of it. Why you ask? On long trips during the summer months it's bad enough trying to keep the windshield clean of bugs alone. This extra sweep just smears freshly splattered bugs making vision worst...what a stupid idea. So is there a solution to stop it?
  5. Hello from Victoria, BC.

    Owner of a 09 Ranger Sport 4X4.

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