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  1. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Thats funny guys
  2. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Already got that covered.Im getting a custom e-brake built over at Bigfoot for $600 And some other modifications done
  3. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    I have been doing my homework And came up with 6.44 gears to be street legal also brakes on the axles can be behind the wheels OR Up on the pinion With the Pumpkin. Now in order to make it street legal I CAN NOT Run anything bigger than 44. So I WILL Be running 41 inch tires And for racing 46...
  4. Dana 28 Ford 7.5 to Dana 35 Ford 8.8

    What changes do I need for a Dana 35 Ford 8.8 in a 1987 Ford Ranger?
  5. 4.10 gears in a 3.73 gear Dana 28 Ford 7.5

    Is it possible to run 4.10 gears from www.lmctruck.com part numbers 50-6857 and 50-6854 in a stock 3.73 geared Dana 28 Ford 7.5?
  6. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    I'll start thinking small THEN Work my way up to a monster truck. Im going to go a head a fix up my Dana 28 Ford 7.5 with a lock rite locker for D28 And Detroit Locker for the rear same with 4.10 ratios with 29 inch Thornbirds mounted on 15x10 Cragar's.Then eventually work my way to Dana 35 Ford...
  7. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    Okay Thanks Scooter.I'm kinda lost in what I'm doing with a 4WD.Since this IS MY VERY FIRST 4X4
  8. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    I'm going to run Dana 35 And Ford 8.8 with 4.88 gears and Eaton Detroit Lockers Front AND Rear then when I FINALLY!!!!!! Get my job being a Professional Monster Truck driver.I'm going to build my truck into a Monster Truck. I'll be using it as a mud/trail/truck pull/show truck.But I MIGHT Just...
  9. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    I rather pay $1,700 for Rockwells OR Find a Dana 35 Ford 8.8 in a junk yard OR Even a scrap yard
  10. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    I've NEVER Done a 4WD In my entire life! I've only done front engine rear wheel drives. and a few front wheel drives And a LOT Of 2WD's. This is my 2nd vehicle.And Im wanting to build a street legal Monster Truck.Like my Great Uncle Bob Chandler's Bigfoot 1.Which has 5 Ton Rockwells and a 640...
  11. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    The tires are a misprint. Its actually 44x19.50-16.5 NOT 35x17-17. I know I'm going to need a BIG Lift kit Which I have a 9 inch lift picked out from a 1979 Ford Bronco. IF I Need to I WILL Go for a bigger lift. And yes the truck CAN Be street legal! With 2.5 Tons and 44 inch tires. The engine...
  12. Rockwell 2.5 Tons

    I have a VERY Interesting question to ask. What modifications do I have to do to mount 2.5 Rockwell Axles under my 1987 Ford Ranger STX. And also Can a 300HP 302 Turn the axles WITHOUT Blowing up an engine each time I drive it? One more thing Can rockwells be street legal with 35x17-17 tires?
  13. Bigfoot 4x4 Opened House

    Saturday June 30th 2012. Bigfoot 4x4 Inc. is having There 6th Annual opened house. Free admission Its for ALL Ages Gates open at 10AM. Free parking There will be a Live monster truck car crush at 12pm and 3pm. Autographs after Each car crush Meet the Owner and Creator Bob Chandler Marilyn...
  14. Thrush Turbo Muffler

    IF You are looking for a New skool sound Thrush Turbo Muffler Is the way to go Me Im into old skool sound DEEP HEAVY Hot rod sound IF you are like me Thrush Glasspacks OR Cherry Bomb Extreme Muffler is the way to give your truck The ultimate hot rod sound Especially with a straight pipe exhaust...
  15. Rear lights problem

    I have a question How do I replace the rear tail light harness WITHOUT Replacing the WHOLE Wiring harness?
  16. New Member

    My name is Evan D. Farrow. Im a new member since May 29th 2012. I Only owned 2 Fords in my WHOLE entire life. A 1986 Ford Mustang LX Hatchback Pro Street car that had OVER 1,100HP and around 1,000 TQ. Now I own a 1987 Ford Ranger STX 4X4 Extended Cab 2.9L 177CID V6 A4LD Auto Transmission Borg...

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