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  1. 85 Ranger 2.8 to Perkins 2.2 diesel swap

    Have a chance to pick up a Perkins 2.2 diesel rebuilt and priced right from an 83 ranger. Wondered if anyone has done this & could lend any insight as to if it should a pretty clean swap or not. The 2.8 in my 85 ranger is very tired & needs a rebuild which I'll do and store until another day...
  2. Dual exhaust

    Our project ranger continues to evolve and now that the heads are off and just back from the machine shop, I am wondering if there would be any benefit to a 2.8 by running dual exhaust? It has been durasparked and all the smog stuff is gone. If I could find some inexpensive headers or a...
  3. 2.8 Distributor hold down bolt

    I had a mechanic try to time my engine with the new distributor. Well, he removed the hold down bolt and it has "disappeared". I have looked all over online and at the auto zones, O'reilly's etc but nobody carries it. I know it is an 8mm bolt but, was wondering if anyone had ideas on what to...
  4. Durasparked - no power to fuel pump

    The in-tank fuel pump picture
  5. Durasparked - no power to fuel pump

    I have completed my Duraspark on the 85' 2.8, and I have gone over everything a few dozen times. The trouble is that after removing all the junk as directed in the instructions, I now have no power to the fuel pump. The only thing I have doubts about , is when the instructions said to leave...
  6. 2.8 lurches, kicks & stalls at takeoff?

    Starter relay wires Starter relay wire disconnected from what?
  7. 2.8 lurches, kicks & stalls at takeoff?

    I brought the old farm truck home to try and get ready for my newly licensed 16 year old son to use. It has been there for the last 20 years but sat for the last 5. My uncle used it to haul wood up from a holler all those years and while it was never fast, I swear it would have climbed a...

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