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  1. engine oil type

    fixin to change oil/filter on my 91 4.0 to see if it helps the spastic oil pressure needle after 30 minutes of driving sitting idle issue. and i was wondering with 170k on engine should i use high mileage conventional oil or a synthetic oil and also, i live in Sc should i be using 5w or 10w30?
  2. 4.0 Oil pressure needle erratic.

    I replaced the sencor about a year ago. I added a quart of Havoline 5/30 to my 10/30 Castrol gtx to bring level up to the mark and today the Gage needle is jumping hard back and forth when i sit still and idle and it does so hard i can hear the needle bouncing off the "0" peg. Normally needle...
  3. My ignition key was stole today.

    My ignition key was stole out of ignition at Dollar General today parked at front doors in my handy capped spot. Had to have it towed home just now, Got thief on video but police arnt to hopeful ill get key back:bawling:,, Can i get the cylinder out without damaging the cylinder housing or...
  4. a4ld fluid leak

    I "think" im leaking from the main rear seal on the tail end.. Question is can the seal be replaced with a4ld still in truck? And if so for which i hope, how do i get old one out? I had to peck, drill and chip the front one out without mangling the housing the second time in a row i took it out...
  5. Dexron 3

    Dexron 3 ok to use in my 91 A4ld transmission?
  6. A4ld

    Is a half of quart of mercon V gonna hurt me? Rear seal.,.,.
  7. ohv rocker/rod replacement

    Iv got a loose rocker or broke a broke lifter or something and taping that its allways had gets a little louder when oil level gets bottom of hashmark pre-light low,,, 5w30 rear-main drip. I cant take head off but i think i can remover valve cover.. Question is if its in fact a worn rocker or...
  8. water in the gas?

    my 91 4.0 wont idle now hardly at all now but starts up fine and seems to run well down the road This was after i put in 3 gal out of a can that i think may of had about a cup of rain water at most, then let i let the truck run completely out of gas.. Then i added 5oz of seafoam to 5 gallons of...
  9. 86 LTD crownvic

    Been having an issue with ltd losseing all electrical power causeing headlights to blink of and drive train (302 non P) to shutter pretty hard driving down the road a few times. It only last for a split second or 2 loosing all spart to the plugs and to inside dash cluster lights then clears 50...
  10. 1991 4.0

    started poring oil out front driver side it looks,, zero oil pressure.. any ideas? engine sounds good.,
  11. spark plug type recommendation

    What kind of spark plug would be best for my 1991 4.0?
  12. K&W Block seal

    should i remove thermostat before adding this permanent metallic K&w block/head seal stuff? Instruction dont say to but i dont know what the thermostats working condition is, it is new but after running almost hot plus now temp fluctuates from almost warm to almost hot back and and forth almost...
  13. still leaks after new water pump ,....

    new water pump installed, upon test run it appears to be leaking from were timing cover comes in contact with front on engine? Could leak be from the timing cover gasket? Didnt know it came in contact with the coolant. Or is that part of the head under that? The source of leak is in the area at...
  14. 1991 heater issue

    1991 leaking from were timing cover new water pump installed, upon test run it appears to be leaking from were timing cover comes in contact with front on engine? Could leak be from the timing cover gasket? Didnt know it came in contact with the coolant. Or is that part of the head under that...
  15. fan clutch good or bad?

    truck runs almost hot at low rpms so i took the fan clutch out. Upon inspection it seems to have a fair amount of resistance when i turn it vs a free spin.. However there is a lot of grime build up on the front side that has the spring looking thing but nothing on the radiator? May it need to...
  16. 1991 fan clutch removal fundamentals

    iv determined my 1991 4.0 fan clutch is shot and needs to be replaced. Iv tried to find the "how to" info on this forum and else were but but theres so many years and 3 or 4 differ engine sizes with many contradicting threads for each one i dont know which to go by.. 1. Do i have to take...
  17. fan clutch question.

    My temp goes way up when i sit still or at slow speeds. I replaced thermostat and it didnt help.. I can spin the fan with one finger and if i fling it hard enough i can get it to spin about a half revolution or a little better maybe,, is that the norm or should it be hard to turn??
  18. push rod ohv question

    i think i got a tapping lifter maybe so it sounds. can the top of the lifter be accessed with straw/carburetor spray through the rod hole? Or is this even possible on this engine? i changed the oil/filter with O'Reilly brand 5/30 then added bout 10oz of seafoam put 500 miles on it changed again...
  19. tire size question

    blowed out my tire (p225/70/14),and cant go to work, anyone know if a 195/75/14 tire will fit the rim correctly?
  20. broke vacuum line id

    on my recently acquired 91 i found a broke vacuum line.. the truck has no overdrive nor does ac compressor engage. can somebody tell what this line goes to from the picture?

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