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  1. procadman

    '98 Ranger 4.0l that's been sitting.

    Finally got my '98 4.0l auto running again. Vehicle used to live East of Chicago where they put some sort of brine on the road and are, apparently, against undercoating. (It's common to see a 10 year old vehicle that's rusted thru in the rear wheel wells. So I've had various issues due to...
  2. procadman

    1988 Ranger XLT Lariat A4Ld to C3/C4 Swap...

    The A4LD is a Light Duty Transmission. End of Story. Ford took a c3, added overdrive and 2 solenoids and gave it a new badge. An 89 2wd 2.9 Ranger with an A4LD is tow rated at 5000 lbs. This was a mistake from day one. Many of my friends and I have gone through at least 2 rebuilds on A4LDs...
  3. procadman

    2.9 to C4 Swap

    (Started a new thread since the old one was nearly decade old.) All help forums say one way to connect a 2.9 block to a c4 tranny is to use a C5 bellhousing. My A4 has gone belly-up for the third time so I'm making this swap. (I only have about 60k on the 2.9 rebuild or I'd swap engine and...
  4. procadman

    No power past 65 and horrible gas mileage

    I know everything points toward a clogged catalytic converter but Meineke says it's ok. '89 2.9 auto w/overdrive and posi-traction. 75k on bottom end. 10k on top end. <30k on tranny. 150k on most other peripherals. Compression is around 110 (to spec). New wires, plugs, cap, rotor. New EEC. New...

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