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  1. LHP

    Going to replace the wife's Focus today

    Well, the wife's 2001 Focus has become unreliable after 300,000k. It will be missed as it has been trouble free for nearly 10 years. We live out in the boonies and with 200k driven daily we need a something new before winter. We have 2 young boys, but are unsure if we want a Focus or a Fusion...
  2. LHP

    Dome light wiring question

    Gents, Anyone know where the dome light wires run on a 2002? I know my F150 had them running down the drivers side sill.I am just about to do some LED sill lights and I am running the relay off the dome.
  3. LHP

    Seat lift

    I am planning a seat lift and I was wondering who else has done one. I know the hockey puck method is popular with the Jeep crowd, but it is not possible with our seat mounts.
  4. LHP

    Another Canadian new guy

    Hello all! I have been a lurker around here for a while, so I thought it best that I join up. I have only ever owned Ford trucks.

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