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  1. dirtymike

    Pops 1988 Ranger XLT 2.9 4x4

    Might just need a little clean fuel and a little carbon cleaned out. All these guys in here help each other if they know the answer to the issue. Details, numbers and pics!! I would say if you search the forum for known issues you will find a thread on it... Dirty
  2. dirtymike

    1985 Ranger XLT 347 stroker

    break it in slow them shred them D28s
  3. dirtymike

    The legendary 2.9 Free Floating Rockers

    black plague??
  4. dirtymike

    Pole barn shop wiring

  5. dirtymike

    too many amps

    ohms law prevails
  6. dirtymike

    Testing alternator

    1986 manual should have only two wires, correct? "I still showed a 12v draw from negative pole to the negative clamp." I'm confused. You need a clamp on on inline Amp meter to measure Current draw. On one wire at a time! Voltage is always there(12V) but until you close a circuit no...
  7. dirtymike

    I miss pandemic trucking.

    Aint nothing like racing and rubbing on the commute to work!!
  8. dirtymike

    I miss pandemic trucking.

    Sweet home Chicago!!
  9. dirtymike

    I miss pandemic trucking.

    Use to go to Chicago southside to see old "Charlie", Nice town.
  10. dirtymike

    I miss pandemic trucking.

    Not much changed here. Seen more wild life that for sure.
  11. dirtymike

    Power to trailer

    Wisdom is spoken soft and slow, Most hear but fail to Listen.
  12. dirtymike

    Testing alternator

    If you can feel connector block on the alternator with your hands, run up the wires and you will probably find a splice close(6"-10")away from it.
  13. dirtymike

    Testing alternator

    It might have already been replaced and is wired in straight. If it is from Autozone, its soldered in. Had to solder in my sons 1989 but my 1987 had a pinch plug.
  14. dirtymike

    1990 Gas Tank Fill Hose

    Now you can fill her up. Had about the same problem with a 1987. The tube on the inside came loose. Didn't find out why it leaked until I replaced the tank. I got lucky the outer tube was still pliable to use. Dirty
  15. dirtymike

    Help with camper shell dimensions

    I was thinking a wide plank with water/fuel/ cans that anchor from underneath.
  16. dirtymike

    Replay buzzing from passenger side causing the bronco to buck and sometimes die

    Look behind the glove box. The door sides squeezes past open to swing out and down. A black box mounted to a steel mounting plate with wires on a connector. Mine buzzed but i never had a issue with it, just noise.
  17. dirtymike

    2.3L ('83-'97) Axle ratio

    Good Stuff, stuck in my head now.
  18. dirtymike

    Power to trailer

    In the tech section of this forum there is a trailer wiring diagram. Have you search this section.
  19. dirtymike

    Power to trailer

    I took something similar out (little convertor from Uhaul) of a jeep 4X4 that was towed behind a RV. Not sure what it was though. Im sure someone here has the answer. They will chime in soon. Hold tight.
  20. dirtymike

    Gas in my oil… still

    133.000 aint bad. do the top end and see how she takes it. My 2.9 has had it done twice. Plenum has been off 3 time to clean injectors. Rebuilding injectors are a breeze. I still have the OEM injectors from 87'. I keep clean spares. As long as the coils still fire, its all cleaning and O-ring...

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