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  1. bronc

    For Sale The Bronc For Sale, 1989 Bronco II trail rig - Calgary, AB

    Unfortunately I think you're right. An international sale would be difficult right now. I'd assume you could still have it shipped across the border but I don't know all the details.
  2. bronc

    For Sale The Bronc For Sale, 1989 Bronco II trail rig - Calgary, AB

    I'd say asking $12,000 USD / 16,000 CAD. Open to reasonable offers. I'd like to sell it but I don't need to sell it.
  3. bronc

    For Sale The Bronc For Sale, 1989 Bronco II trail rig - Calgary, AB

    As stated in the ad, it has a 4.0 V-6 manual from a 1991 Ford Explorer. I'd be open to serious offers. PM me if you're interested.
  4. bronc

    For Sale The Bronc For Sale, 1989 Bronco II trail rig - Calgary, AB

    1989 Ford Bronco II for Sale - located in Calgary, AB Open to serious offers. It was appraised at $20,800 CAD in 2016. About $30k invested over the years. It’s a fun trail rig with full lockers and is ready to go. Pretty much everything is new on it in 2016. The brakes, steering, suspension...
  5. bronc

    Axle Shaft Differences on 8.8 Explorer Axle

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has figured out the differences in axle shafts between 91-94 31 spline explorer axles and 95-01 31 spline explorer axles. I know the Gen 2 has discs and Gen 1 is drums but I assumed the axle shafts themselves were the same but I figured that was wrong when I started...
  6. bronc

    Bronc Rev 3.0ish

    Hi, I've spent about the last 9 months or so working on this as time and funds allowed. Here it is, ready to test on the trails. 4.56 gears, No slip locker in rear, E locker in front. Fabbed longer radius arms. Fabbed bumpers and tire carrier, winch in front. Jeep XJ 6" coils. F-250 shock...
  7. bronc

    Bronco II died one day

    My BII with 4.0 died one warm day while at a stop light. It went down to like 400 rpm and idled rough there. Hitting the throttle did nothing. Then eventually it quit. You could start it and it would do the same. After sitting for a few hours, it started and ran fine. I am not sure how to...
  8. bronc

    Bronc's new truck, 2010 F-150

    My new truck. 2010 F-150 FX4 Supercrew. Tow mirrors, brake controller, nav, 6.5' box, color matched line x, 3m paint protection film, led brake tailgate light, etc. Just got it about 9 days ago. I like...
  9. bronc

    Intermediate Steering Shaft on 89 BII

    My steering shaft has a lot of play in it. Does anyone make an aftermarket replacement? I cannot get one from Ford or anyone else. I might have to look at a wrecking yard. I know I have seen pics of someone with a nice shiney aftermarket one, but it might have been a custom made one. It is...
  10. bronc

    Bronc Won't Start, It's not the battery

    Ok, it has been slowly getting harder and slower to start. Now finally, it won't start, just clicks. Can't even boost it, battery is fine. So my question is how do I tell what is wrong, if it's the solenoid, starter drive, bendix or starter or what. Voltage on the side of the solenoid that...
  11. bronc

    Y Pipe To Manifold Bolt Size

    Can anyone tell me the size of the 4 bolts from the y pipe to manifold? I need to get some replacements before I go home this weekend to do some work on the truck.
  12. bronc

    Code 41

    My 91 4.0 is giving me a code now. This just started. Since the swap all was fine until now it throws a code. CEL comes on after you drive for a while and it hits operating temp. Goes away if you shut it off and restart and then eventually it will come on again. I read the codes and got a...
  13. bronc

    Gauge Pod

    I am looking for a dual A pillar gauge pod for my BII. Can't find any company that makes them. They make them for the 93 and up rangers. I'm pretty sure the 93 rangers have the same dash as the 92's (which is also the same as 89 and up BII's, rangers, and explorers. But are the A pillars the...
  14. bronc

    The Bronc's 4.0

    Someone had asked to see pics of the swap. I had this on the old TRS but here it is again with a bit of a writeup. Finished the swap. Here is the 4.0 in the ex. Pretty ugly. Pulling the 2.9 And the rebuilt 4.0 in it's new home. Dana 35 is in. You can see the difference in width. It...

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