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  1. 1994 Ranger 2.3 Idle issues

    Im not sure if this is the right section in the forum but my ranger is been having some idle problems after a hard acceleration the car wont idle it will just die an have to be restarted again . plus a new thing has come up when i slam the passenger door the engine does a weird restart thing and...
  2. 94 Ranger 2.3 help (VIDEO) Stalling issue

    Please see video. if you need more info just let me know . im really stumped you guys im geting close to scrapping this and getting a 2016 F150 . the timing on the engine is correct. in advance sorry for portrait video was in a rush. It will idle just fine but if I accelerate it starts to miss...
  3. 94 Ford Ranger 2.3 Cranks but no start

    As tile said I got a 94 Ranger It will turn over fine but won't start >Timing is correct >spark plugs are new Bosch >New plug wires >New coil packs >New CPS >MAF is original but works fine >New fuel Pump and filter >New fuel pump and ecm relays >Tps is within specs >New ICV >Rebuilt engine...

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