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  1. dieseldane

    For Sale Complete Dana 35 and explorer 8.8 with 5.13 gears.

    Do you still have these? I'm interested
  2. dieseldane

    87 BII 4X4 V8 Dual Exhaust Routing

    Just curious, which headers you go with?
  3. dieseldane

    Headers and GT40 non-P heads

    There is a thread that covers this. The only headers that cause a need for odd headers is the "P" heads. If yours are not, then all the other options are available to you. https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=95640&share_tid=95640&share_fid=28487&share_type=t¹ Sent from my...
  4. dieseldane

    Oil filter relocation adapter; To bypass or not to bypass?

    So I think I have decided to relocate the oil filter on my 2001 F-150 4wd. It seems that most kits come with a bypass adapter. I am thinking that I would not want an adapter with a bypass in it, since it wouldn't have this from the factory, and I'm not doing this to a high-rpm, high-volume needs...
  5. dieseldane

    2011 Transit connect not charging after jump start

    Thought I would run this by the (sometimes :icon_twisted:) knowledgeable folks here at TRS. Last weekend I left the power inverter on in my service van. :annoyed: Jump started it Tuesday morning, and afterwards, the charging system was not functioning. Could start the van, and put a meter on the...
  6. dieseldane

    Cheap LED Lights - Are They Worth Buying?

    I have been on my local fire department for a while now, and have been wanting to get some lights for my personal vehicles. Right now I can't afford the name brand lights, and some google searches have led me to find some of the "chinese" knock offs that are less than half the price of something...
  7. dieseldane

    Ford Racing "Street Rod Headers" M-9430-SR302 Anyone ever use them?

    Was browsing the Ford Racing catalog earlier and noticed these, but hadn't ever heard of them mentioned before, and a search didn't show anything either. I wonder how they would fit in an RBV? The Description in the catalog: STREET ROD HEADER M-9430-SR302 • Put a Ford in your Ford with this...
  8. dieseldane

    Nissan Titan, now with a v8 Cummins!?!

    Well, at least someone is listening to that consumer. Beginnning with the 2015 model year, Titans will be offered with a 5.0L v8 Cummins turbo diesel, which some sites list as having more than 300hp and 550 lbs-ft. Bet the dodge boys aren't gonna like that...
  9. dieseldane

    Fire Department's 92 F-350 trailer tail lights shorting out

    Like the title says, my department's 92 F-350 trailer wiring is having issues. We use this truck to pull our dive team and swift water rescue equipment trailer, and with the flooding in our area we have needed it a lot more than usual lately. The tail light pin on the truck side of the trailer...
  10. dieseldane

    Time travel thanks to O'Reilly's Auto Parts

    They now have these hard to find parts: http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/EB00/121G.oap?ck=Search_121g_-1_-1&keyword=121g Or the available upgrade: http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/EB00/121GMF.oap?ck=Search_121gmf_-1_-1&keyword=121gmf
  11. dieseldane

    Building a safari/roof rack, need input on material to use.

    Like the title says, I am planning on building a safari style roof rack for my b2, and I can't decide on what material to use. What I would really like, is for the people who have one to chime in and let me know what theirs is manufactured out of, and maybe even pictures of yours if you're...
  12. dieseldane

    Yeah baby!!!

    The setup shown in that other thread isn't actually a three link. It's a radius arm setup, with one arm being a y-link and the other being a wristed arm. To be a true three link, it needs three separate links, such as this:
  13. dieseldane

    Membership Map

    The map for the banner gave me an idea. :icon_idea: I thought it might be cool to have a visual of what TRS members were in my area, regardless of if they can move the banner or not. I figured with as many members TRS has, it would be to much of a pain for one person to manage, so I started this...
  14. dieseldane

    33" tires on 16.5" wheels

    Do any of you guys know of any decent RADIAL tires for this wheel size? Can't seem to find any other than BFG mall-terrains. Interco used to make them this size, but my friend and the local tires shops can't seem to find any place that has any.
  15. dieseldane

    Which bellhousing? Adapting a NP435 to a 4.0L V6

    Which RBV bellhousing will adapt the easiest to a NP435? I am looking at adapting a NP435 into my Ranger. This has been done before, but the only way I have seen it done is to use a bellhousing for a small block Ford and make an adapter plate to bolt to the engine. What I am looking at doing...
  16. dieseldane

    Can someone ID this axle?

    Wish I could... I was mostly just curious as I hadn't seen one. Maybe someone else will see this and snatch it up.
  17. dieseldane

    Can someone ID this axle?

    Found this axle on Government Liquidation, the discreption just says Mercedes-Benz Axle Assy SN: D7M7516. Might Look good in someone's ranger... http://www.govliquidation.com/auction/view?auctionId=4852476
  18. dieseldane

    Bogs down intermittently '88 2.9L V6

    I am trying to help my brother in law out with his truck. Going down the road going say, 60mph, it will be running fine and then all the sudden you will start losing speed, and with the throttle in the same position drop down to about 52-55mph, it will stay bogged down for a bit, then snap back...
  19. dieseldane

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    All wranglers 06 and older are 5x4.5, regardless of model. The newer wranglers, or JK's are all 5x5 bolt pattern.
  20. dieseldane

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    If you could find one, a D44 out of a Jeep TJ Rubicon would work great. 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern, and a selectable locker to boot.

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