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  1. DFracing

    96 EB bronco: hobby horse 2.0

    Hey guys ive decided to start a thread for my bronco after owning it now for a year! I love this truck, and hope for many years and many adventures to come in it. growing up, i rode shotgun in my fathers bronco nick named hobby horse. that inspired me to name mine hobby horse 2.0 mine is...
  2. DFracing

    2004 5.4 rough idle and rod knock

    Hey guys been a while since I've been on here, long since sold my ranger however this is the only place I've ever gotten decent advice about vehicles on the web. If any of you know anything about 5.4's that would be awesome. I recently purchased a 2004 f150 with the 5.4 Developed a rough idle...
  3. DFracing

    new to me bronco

    so i bought this truck from a buddy because he needed some help. 95 bronco EB on 35's drop bracket lift with 351 and e4od ive spent alot of time running down alot of electrical issues and ignistion system issues. no that that is all fixed time to move on to other things. i finally got the truck...
  4. DFracing

    2001 4.2 f150 cutting out

    it was originally shuddering upon accel, but once it got above 2k rpms it would go no problem, i put a new coil in it, and cleaned the maf, and air temp sensors. it fixed the issue for about 2 days, now the truck will idle but will not move under load, give it gas even in neutral and it cuts out...
  5. DFracing

    2001 f150 transmission

    upon initial accel from 1500 to about 2k rpms the truck shudders, after that all is well and it shifts from and accelerates smoothly, the overdrive light is also blinking. is the TQ conv done, clutches gone? also on the free way it feels like the TQ conv doesnt lock up, it drops down to about 2k...
  6. DFracing

    loss of power when warm

    Hey guys i have a 2002 sohc had the timing chains replaced and heads rebuilt about 30k miles ago, ive had a problem ever since when the motor is cold it has great power, once it comes up to operating temp i have no low end, but once the motor hits 4k rpms it lights up almost like turbo lag and...
  7. DFracing

    dodge to release 3.0 diesel into 1/2 ton ram

    http://www.ramtrucks.com/en/ecodiesel/ For years, fans have dreamed of a diesel engine in a light duty truck. The 2014 Ram 1500 will make that dream a reality. Paired with the legendary TorqueFlite® 8 Eight-Speed Transmission, the 3.0L EcoDiesel V6 engine is the ultimate combination of power...
  8. DFracing

    NO low end on 4.0

    hey guys, a while back i did my timing chains on my sohc, and had the heads rebuilt, at the same time i Put a camburg kit and 33's on it vs the stock 29's. Ever since then the truck has had about 1/2 the low end power it used to. I had just been assuming that it was because of the larger tires...
  9. DFracing

    explorer sport tracs

    so i'm looking into getting one of the with the 4.6 or an f150 with the 5.4. ive driven plenty of 98+ f150s with every motor up t 2008. but never a sport trac. does any one have one, if so whats your honest opinion on it? but i only want one with a 4.6, 2004 and up. pros and cons of them? mild...
  10. DFracing

    another re gearing question

    2002 4.0 sohc currently 8.8 with 3.55 with 33x12.5 tires i lost all my low end, i used to be able to do 80 up a 6% grade with a quad in the back in overdrive. now the damn thing pretty much cant get out of its own way going up a hill but cruises fine every where else purchased an expo 8.8...
  11. DFracing

    4.0 sohc "no oil pressure"

    ok so i know i cannot really trust the stock guage becuase there are no number. i recently had a head job on my 4.0 sohc, along with new timing chains. i went through a 3 month ordeal with the mechanic about a miss after he worked on the engine, he blamed it on me nad i blamed it on him, well...
  12. DFracing

    looking for a B2

  13. DFracing

    looking for a B2

    so im looking to buy a B2 here some time. Besides all the typical car stuff, is there anything i need to look out for with one of these trucks? certain years that had better options than others? i was thinking about this truck...... http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/3381566504.html
  14. DFracing

    96 f150 5.8

    SOO my girlfriend bought this truck becuase she is really into these body style trucks and we like to go to the desert alot. the intent was to use this as a tow truck because it was 4x4 5.8 E4od, long bed and dual gas tanks. we could tow our bikes or my ranger or whatever to the dez with it...
  15. DFracing

    Looking for advice on fast idle issue - ignition advance issue

    So what's the problem? 4 cyls just idle high.
  16. DFracing

    rebuilt top end, knocking now

    alright guys, so i recently had my 4.0 sohc motor rebuilt. and i put the motor back in the truck, and think everything is fine and dandy, get everything hooked back up, get the exhaust hooked, and start it for the first time, and a very loud knocking coming from the motor. definitely coming from...
  17. DFracing

    5r55e fluid out line

    Does anyone know if it the top line or the lower one, i pulled all my old cooler lines out of the truck and cant really tell which is which
  18. DFracing

    buggman's Raptor Ranger Grille Project

    Here ya go, now looking at it, I like yours much better.
  19. DFracing

    Torque convert

    2 questions i have a 2002 ranger w/ 5r55e I pulled the motor and tranny out, and am begging to put it all back in, and back together, only thing im not sure on is, do the nuts that came off the torque converter need to be replaced? if so are they anything special or can i use some grade 8 nuts...
  20. DFracing

    5r55e from a 2001 explorer

    Can it be put in a 2002 4.0 sohc ranger. are the electronics the same? Also, anything to increase strength on said 5r55e? shift kit? while i have it out of the truck i want to do anything i can to make it a little better.

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