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  1. Baby Raptor

    oil pressure issue

    Okay, first off, j haven't researched this yet, I am as soon as I posted this, I figured it wouldn't hurt to do it.. Alright, so my '93 ranger has an issue..the oil pressure gauge drops to 0 when my engine is warmed up and my rpms are bellow 1500. This is the only time it happens... My buddies...
  2. Baby Raptor

    4" trailmaster lift attached to axel

    I found a used 4" trail master suspension lift that is for'84-'97 rangers. I have a 93 nd the lift is still attached to the'86 axel it was used on....is the gear ratio the same if it is a stock axel? And would I be able to just put that axle in my truck?
  3. Baby Raptor

    Rhino line wheels?

    My wheels are stock and rusty nd look like shit. What do you guys think about Using some kind of an under coating or bed liner on the to make them look better? It would stand up to the wear and tear, right?:icon_confused:
  4. Baby Raptor

    1993 Headlights

    I really want to get Halo lights, the problem is that all the good ones are for other years....my question: Is there any way to make 2000 style headlights and ambers work on a 1993 ranger? These are the ones I am really wanting...

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