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  1. wr250rdr

    Smoking deal on bell tech 901ND on amazon

    looks like you got the last one at that price, its back up to 445. Mine came today and it is the correct kit. 4 shocks 2 springs 2 hangers and hardware 1 set of bump stops
  2. wr250rdr

    Smoking deal on bell tech 901ND on amazon

    As the title says last one is priced at just over 72 bucks. Includes shocks springs and a rear hanger kit... Basically half off drop springs with shocks and a hanger kit included free. Amazon shows it does not fit Twin I beam trucks but the bart numbers on bell techs page and listed in the...
  3. wr250rdr

    Installing a belltech C notch in a 97

    So I was browsing through amazon and found a miss priced belltech C notch for $50 bucks. I jumped on it like a fat kid on cake. So it has finally arrived and I'm looking at installing it shortly after I drill it and mount some low profile bump stops in it. I have read the install...
  4. wr250rdr

    97 Expo to 97 Ranger 5.0 swap question

    Hey guys, I have a line on a totaled 97 Expo with a well taken care of 5.0 in it for $400. The truck is a 97 2wd 5speed. I have a question and or a little clarity before I pull the trigger on picking it up. I already have an M5OD-R2 to take care of the manual wants of this swap and an...
  5. wr250rdr

    gunna go look at an f-250 help!

    so the time has come that i have outgrown my ranger :sad: I was searching craigslist and found a 1992 f-250 extended cab, long bed, 4x4, 5speed, 460 big block, power doors, dual tank, 6inch lift, and clean interior for ~3k First i do realise it is a 21 year old truck, and im not expecting a...
  6. wr250rdr

    Thinking about a newer ranger

    So my 94 single cab has out grown my needs I have done some searching on ebay, CL, etc and cant find what I want I would like a 2wd extened cab, 5speed, obd2, with power doors and cc. I dont care about the motor choice, if its a 2.3 or .5 it will get a turbo, or if its a 3.0 or 4.0 it will get...
  7. wr250rdr

    Volvo T5 turbo swap questions

    So a buddy of mine has a volvo 850R waggon that was rearended and written off. He bought it back and we have been kicking around the idea of doing a swap into my 2.3 ranger. I realise that anything is possible with a large enough bank roll. but here are my questions for those of you that do...
  8. wr250rdr

    Rust removal from 13 inch rim

    Hey guys so my latest acquisition is a 79 triumph spitfire that has been neglected for 15 years. It has been sitting out side and the wheels are rusted. Not all the way through or enough to cause structural damage. They are 13 inch steel wheels, the first thing the car needs is new rubber so it...
  9. wr250rdr

    Rally suspension

    So after watching an episode of top gear, the English version of course, I got to thinking. What makes a rally cars suspension unique? I know how the build for a street car or a prerunner but what is the set up for rally?
  10. wr250rdr

    94 2.3 a/c rpm relay

    I know on my old s10 there was a relay that when you kicked on the ac the rpm would increase slightly to account for the extra drag on the system. Now on my ranger when I kick on the ac it drops approximately 400 rpm at idle. Is there a relay on these trucks to accomplish the same goal or is it...
  11. wr250rdr

    What is this connector?

    It is located on the driver side fender well and on my truck is left open. My truck is bare bones, no cc or power to the doors. It looks to be a power connector with a green wire with a yellow stripe and a black ground. I have the cc stuff in a box in the garage and was wondering if this is...
  12. wr250rdr

    Lowering stuff for sale...

    What's your location?
  13. wr250rdr

    Lowering stuff for sale...

    Thanks. It's been a long Morning
  14. wr250rdr

    Lowering stuff for sale...

    50 for all 4 shocks or 50 each?
  15. wr250rdr

    Rhino lining the lower body line

    I was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind posting a few picture of your rides with rhino lining on the lower body line. I know it's popular with the 4x4 guys but I'm thinking of putting it on a lowered street truck. Also the truck will be Getting a fresh coat of silver paint. Should I do the...
  16. wr250rdr

    Differential skid pan

    Does such a thing exist? I plan on lowering my ranger with a 3" beam kit in the front and an exp axle flipped in the rear. My issue is that I live on a dirt road that has a tendency to have large rocks placed in inconvenient areas. So much so that even with a 1/4 inch thick skid pan on it, a...
  17. wr250rdr

    94 2.3 idle control

    Does anything other then the idle adjustment screw control the idle on these motors? I'll set my idle at approximately 950 (warm) and it will try to idle around 650 cold. I have done all the basics I don't have a vacuum leak that I can see or find with the ether test. But I'm not 100% sure...
  18. wr250rdr

    shock options

    That explains it perfectly! Now I understand how it goes together
  19. wr250rdr

    shock options

    Thanks for all the help josh
  20. wr250rdr

    shock options

    Wait I need 2 drivers side? Wouldn't that locate the shock on the other side of the spring or am I supposed to flip them over?

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