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  1. cb12991

    3.0 Engine Swap Info

    Hello fellow ranger enthusiasts! I am currently in the middle of an engine swap in my 98 XLT 3.0. I had bad scoring on the cylinder block walls so decided to buy another 3.0 and replace it. The engine that I bought was from a 01 Taurus 3.0. I know I have to replace the head gaskets, manifolds...
  2. cb12991

    Heyooo from the Midwest!

    Hi everybody! My name is Cody and I'm SO close to finishing my collegiate career. I have only until the end of 2014 and then I'll be a Bachelor of Science. With that, I will finally be able to get my "big boy" job and start accruing more funds for my little 1998 Danger Ranger XLT. As of right...
  3. cb12991

    Ranger Engine Swap

    Hey everyone, I bought myself a 1998 ranger xlt 4x4 about a year and a half ago. I put 32's on it, a flowmaster 10 single to dual, and a cold air intake, but that's about all. Recently, it started to have very little power while accelerating and then I noticed white smoke coming from the...

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