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  1. nktidwel

    Ignition fuse blows..

    96 2.3 manual Every single time I attempt to crank the ranger (with just the key), the ignition fuse blows, and it does not crank at all. I followed the ignition wire (red/blue) from the ignition switch. I have continuity with the bottom terminal (black/heavier wire) of the fender solenoid. I...
  2. nktidwel

    O2 Sensor wires

    Where do the sensor 2 wires begin? What colors are they? I have looked under my Ranger and they are non existant. There is a sensor, minus any wiring in the exhaust. There is a short somewhere that I need to trace.
  3. nktidwel

    Pull the Fuse block

    First off it's a 95/96 xlt. standard cab 2.3 manual I was wondering if there is a simple way to pull the fuse block out. There are broken and melted wires that need to be repaired. I have a feeling that repairing these wires, like the one behind fuse 25, will correct some of my problems. FYI...
  4. nktidwel

    Play in the Wheel

    I know this has been discussed, however I have not seen anything with the same symptoms (I read several). There is play when the wheel is turned to the left, from the "normal" posistion. I figured I would check what I could easily see. I bent over, looked at the joint in the cab near the...

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