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  1. 2.5L ('98-'01) 2.5 Engine

    Please email me, it takes so long for me to log on for some problem. gatrucker05@aol.com Thanks
  2. Rearend swap

    Thanks I was concerned about drive shaft bolting up.
  3. 2.5L ('98-'01) 2.5 Engine

    Where are you located, what's mileage and price.
  4. 2.5L ('98-'01) 2.5 Engine

    I'm in search of a good 2.5 engine in Ga. or close around. I also have a friend looking for a good 1994 4.0 engine.
  5. Rearend swap

    Will a rearend out of a 2006 Ranger fit in a 1996 Ranger they're both 2wd.
  6. 1994 4.0 spitting fuel out exhaust

    Cleaned plugs found gas on the same 2 before I put in new injectors, got it to start with throttle wide open and it reved up to only 3500 rpm's. I'm thinking it may be computer since the problem is on the same 2 cylinders. Any thoughts.
  7. 1994 4.0 spitting fuel out exhaust

    Ok I held throttle wide open it starts but only at about 1k rpm's and when I let go of throttle it dies. By the time I got out of truck to check fuel pressure it was none. What's my next step.
  8. 1994 4.0 spitting fuel out exhaust

    No gas in line of fuel pressure regulator. I'll try holding it to floor and starting it. I'll also see how fast the fuel pressure leaks down. I have fire and 120 lbs of compression on cylinder that's floods. The injectors that were in truck were red and the new ones are red & black I think Bosch...
  9. 1994 4.0 spitting fuel out exhaust

    Could it be the computer.
  10. 1994 4.0 spitting fuel out exhaust

    It's got 40 lbs fuel pressure and the injectors are new but it's floods the same cylinder.
  11. 1994 4.0 spitting fuel out exhaust

    New coil & plugs as it spins over it floods several plugs with gas, already getting gas in oil. Won't start now but it tries while turning with starter.
  12. 1994 4.0 spitting fuel out exhaust

    I was driving down the Interstate and it started loosing power like the exhaust was plugged but it has no cat and new muffler. It barely starts and spits fuel out the exhaust, I changed the injectors & fuel pressure regulator no change. So I changed tps & cleaned mas still same problem and no...
  13. 92 Ranger question.

    I have a 92 Ranger 3.0 V-6 2 wheel drive with a A4LD, shifts fine but it does not go into overdrive. It only shifts 2 times and I can't feel the converter lock up if it has a lock up. It was like this when I bought don't know how long it's been like this. It has no over drive button on the...
  14. No overdrive

    I recently bought a 1992 Ranger with a 3.0 engine and automatic transmission (A4LD), it works fine but does not go into overdrive, I don't know how long its been like this. Is there something I can check like a fuse or wire without taking it to shop. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Imput shaft question

    I'm in the process of swapping trans. out in my 1989 Ranger 2.3. I noticed the trans. that i was going to put in my truck had some wear marks on the end of the imput shaft where the pilot bearing rides, the imput shaft on the one I pulled out is good. Is there any trick to swapping them like any...
  16. 5 spd trans. question

    I'm new at this hope I'm posting in rite place. I have a 1989 Ranger 2.3 with a 5 spd trans. that is hard to shift to 5th gear & jumps out of reverse. My question is will a 1996 Ranger 2.5 with a 5 spd trans. fit my truck, thanks in advance.
  17. 5 spd trans. question

    I have a 1989 Ranger 2.3 with a 5 spd and it's hard to get in 5th gear and it jumps out of reverse. My question is will a 5 spd out of a 1996 Ranger 2.3 fit my truck.
  18. Hello

    Hello everyone I'm from Byron, Ga and glad to be part of the forum.

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