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  1. ZSK

    Pulling Engine and Trans with Body Drop

    In a previous thread: http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54576 I was asking about how to free up a seized motor. Well it is almost certain that we cannot get the motor to free up with out starting from the bottom up. In order to pull the oil pan, the motor has to come out...
  2. ZSK

    Engine troubles

    Working on a friend's ranger and we can't get the motor to turn over. It was supposed to have been started within the last two years and stored inside with no weather exposure. We've verified that the starter is good and bypassed all of the wiring directly hooking it up. Power, ground, and power...
  3. ZSK

    TTB D44 Hubs questions

    I turned the front shaft by hand again and both hubs locked in. This seems really odd.
  4. ZSK

    TTB D44 Hubs questions

    In my '93 F150 the 4wd doesn't seem to engage. It's a 5.0 auto with and E-shift transfer case and auto lock hubs. The transfer case is shifting into 4wd and also into low range I can watch the front driveshaft turn to verify. When turning the front shaft by hand, the driver's hub would catch...
  5. ZSK

    Pics of the new ride

    The Ranger was sold about a month ago in favor of something roomier with AC and more power. Gotta stay blue oval:headbang: I'm getting the same mileage as the Ranger, 14 around town and 19 highway. The 3 valve 5.4 really moves this truck along and comes alive at 3000 RPM's. My $100 bed...
  6. ZSK

    F250 vs F150 D44 TTB

    I'll have to try the full D50/44 hybrid in the future, but for now, the D44 HD and F150 centersections are the same? This will make for a quick and simple gear swap if I can just swap the whole center.
  7. ZSK

    F250 vs F150 D44 TTB

    Interesting D50/D44 hybrid similar to what Todd did on the D44/D35 hybrid.
  8. ZSK

    3.55 to 4.10/3.73

    3.73 really isn't a significant difference when compared to 3.55's but 4.10's would deffinately help around town. You'll be spinning the motor pretty good on the highway but you can always drive a little slower.
  9. ZSK

    F250 vs F150 D44 TTB

    Aside from the F250 being leaf sprung and the F150 being coil sprung are there any major differences from the knuckles in? I'm looking into building a cheap wheeling rig now that I have a good DD/towrig. I've got a 93 F150 as a starting platform. I blew out the auto hubs on stock 235/75/15's...
  10. ZSK

    Trying to help my brother...4R44E problems

    I'm 1200 miles away from my brother, he's up in Michigan. Truck specs '98 3.0 auto (4R44E) electric t-case. He says that it won't move until you hit about 4000 rpm's will shift to second at about 15 mph will shift into third at about 25 mph and tops about 40. I'm assuming it gets into fourth...
  11. ZSK

    Relay test

    Specifically the horn. I hit the horn button and hear the relay click. Release the button and relay is off. Still good right?
  12. ZSK

    Dana 44 TTB in a RBV

    Just to bump this up with some new questions. How do the pivot spacing of the D44 compare to 2wd rangers? Are the 3/4 tons D44's the same as the 1/2 ton stuff? I'm guessing that 4.10's are more popular in the 3/4 models. Perhaps you could just swap the 1/2 ton knuckles onto the 3/4 pig and...
  13. ZSK

    Axle, Gears, Bearings Break in time?

    I recently (End of August) had my rear axle completely rebuilt. New axle shafts, bearings etc, gear swap everything was replaced. On my recent move from Michigan down here to Florida I got a high of 14.5 mpg. With each fill up the mileage improved. Started at sub-9 then 11, 12, etc. I had...
  14. ZSK

    Throw me a wave

    Heading south in the morning. I'm moving down to Jacksonville, FL from Standish, MI. I'm going to miss the snow but at least I can ride the quads year round. PS. The topper will be forsale as soon as I get there.
  15. ZSK

    Wiring batteries in Parallel?

    I just bought a 6x12 Enclosed trailer and I'm working on the inside of it. I installed a couple of lights and a 12 volt plug to plug my power inverter into. I have four batteries that were given to me and I want to wire in parrallel and just put a charger on them once in a while. They are all...
  16. ZSK

    Valve Stem Install/Removal

    Obviously removal is pretty straight forward. Grab them with a pair of vice grips or channel locks and pry them out. What baffles me is the installation aspect of valve stems. It seems about every fourth one leaks or rips apart. Is there a special trick to installing them?
  17. ZSK

    Sway brake

    I'm going to be picking up my enclosed trailer soon and have been thinking about a sway brake. I'm not worried about the tounge weight (have 800# of quads I can move to add or remove tounge weight) so a WD hitch would be overly complex, but I think a sway brake would be a great benefit. Does...
  18. ZSK

    A few new pictures

    Playing peak-a-boo
  19. ZSK

    2008 F-150's

    I thought I had read that for '08 that you could get a Supercrew F-150 in XL trim but I can't remember where I read it. I'd like a little more information on it. I really wish Ford would let you order a half ton with a V8, manual trans, and 4.10's
  20. ZSK

    Trans cooler vs. secondary fan?

    I've been tossing the ideas around how to lower transmission temps specifically while towing. Naturally transmission fluid needs to be in a proper temperature zone to get the best results. I'm curious what would be a better setup for both DDing and towing. Run a second large capacity cooler...

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