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  1. Silver talon84

    distributer and injector wiring

    So ive got power and ground done on my battery relocation now, and have my ranger rolling over too. So in the nest of wires I have which is the stock 91 2.3 harness with it repinned for the 86 merkur engine and computer, I'm lost a bit. I don't have what appears to be a plug to run the injectors...
  2. Silver talon84

    Got my harness pretty much done....

    ... but have a question. On my spreadsheet it says to move pin number 14 to pin number 27 and pin number 15 to 43, but it doesn't tell you what to do with pins 27 and 43. Does that mean they get left out? Obviously a little curious. Also, since the engine is an 86, and the truck a 91, alot of...
  3. Silver talon84

    Bought a center mount header and have an issue

    So i have my turbo pretty much mounted on my new header, and there seems to be a problem. From the stock header to this one, the turbo is now rotated 90 degrees clockwise, and obviously this creates something of a problem. Not sure what to do about it. Also, not sure if this a stock turbo or...
  4. Silver talon84

    Possible stupid question

    I can use the stock ranger clutch disk and everything to put on my merkur engine correct? Im using the merk flywheel but putting the ranger clutch on it as im keeping the stock 5-spd tranny. Im fine doing that correct??
  5. Silver talon84

    Ranger roller cam swap

    Hey, been reading on a bunch of easy upgrades for the merk motor Im putting into the ranger. And the Ranger Roller hydrolic cam keeps showing up as an upgrade. Anyone done this? Is it worth while? Is it a direct bolt on where the merk is a slider cam, and ranger is a roller? Done a bunch of...
  6. Silver talon84

    kidney stones

    I know how you feel bud! I have kidney stones, and last spring had surgery to remove a 9mm stone!!!! It had completely blocked the passage from my kidney to my bladder, so much so that my side looked like I was growing a grapefruit or something! Had to stop drinking soda completely and switch to...
  7. Silver talon84

    Next hurdle on my turbo swap

    Ok, now onto my next issue. Swapping the accesories over to the ranger.... I am trying to swap the ranger accessories over to the ranger, and am having some issues. I am keeping the ac in the ranger, and its setup for a serp belt, and the merk has just the old style v-belts. How do I swap it...
  8. Silver talon84

    Not mine, 90 Ranger with a 500ci caddy motor!!

    This truck is owned buy a customer of mine at the dealership I work at. We somehow got talking about our other vehicles and rangers came up. He just stated that he had a nice 90 ranger, then slipped it in that it had an old eldorado 500ci caddy motor in it!! As you can imagine, I was pretty...
  9. Silver talon84

    Is this the one I need???

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Turbo-Header-Ford-2-3-Merkur-XR4Ti-Mustang-SVO-Ranger-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQhashZitem2c5058641dQQitemZ190326531101QQptZMotorsQ5fCarQ5fTruckQ5fPartsQ5fAccessories Is that the header I need for my 91 ranger turbo swap??? And Ideally, I should have a brace welded on...
  10. Silver talon84

    Practice makes perfect!!!

    On a side note, I'm never giving my two girls any bananna's again!!
  11. Silver talon84

    Its a trap!!!!

    ..... and a legendary one at that!!!!
  12. Silver talon84

    Assumptions will get you in trouble!!

    Probably a repost, but still FAH!!! http://s127.photobucket.com/albums/p148/SilverTaloncars/Myspace/?action=view&current=AssumptionSong.flv
  13. Silver talon84

    My tow/family rig.

    Spoiler!!! Not a ford!!! 02 caddy escalade AWD 6.0 HO with about 101k miles on her now. Bought her about 2.5 years ago at the dealership that I worked at. Bought her right in the middle of the gas crunch, so I didnt have to pay much!! I put a K+N cold air on her, and she allready had a...
  14. Silver talon84

    My 91 Street Turbo Ranger Build!

    Well, I guess I'll make an official build thread, since I'm cluttering up the turbo section with my pics. As of yesterday, I started pulling the ranger motor out, and get it ready for the new motor. Didnt get alot done, as I only had a little time, but its still a little progress. I'll start...
  15. Silver talon84

    1 Sexy 91 Race Ranger!

    Took some new pics today, as this weekend it is going under the knife for my turbo swap. Just mowed the lawn, so it seemed like a good idea to take them out there.
  16. Silver talon84

    Its alive!!!!

    ... Well my merkur donor car that is!! lol. I did the headgasket to it last year, but had some running issues with it. Couldnt get it to run right as it wouldnt rev at all, unless you babied it, and it would just break up and die back out. Well, I re-set the timing, and found some crossed...
  17. Silver talon84

    99 sport flairside bed on a 91 shortbox frame?

    I have a chance to buy a flairside bed (whole truck actually) on a 99 x-cab sport truck, and would love it on my 91. Any chance this would fit on there? Direct swap? Right width? Gastank issues or anything? Thanks!
  18. Silver talon84

    2.3L shot???

    Well, I have a 91 ranger 2wd, 5spd, and the monster 2.3 that seems to have developed a problem a few weeks ago. A friend of my wifes was driving it, and called us saying that the truck was running weird, shaking and idling funny, with less power than normal (hows that possible!?!?!? lol). She...
  19. Silver talon84

    New Maine'er here!

    Hello, just want to say hi, as I will be lurking the forum for some turbo swap info. I recently bought this 91 reg cab 2wd, and cant wait to get some more power under the hood! Its a 4cyl 5spd currently, and it has 52k origional miles, and is tottaly rust free, as it was in texas untill about 2...

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