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  1. Vanner1993

    77 F250 351M Just bought....Serious running problems

    Ok, well its actually a 77 351M but I figured it would be the same setup in a 78/79 bronco. So here's the specs, 77 351M, has a 4 barrel edelbrock intake, 80,000 original miles, carb is a holley factory emissions 4 barrel (has that spring rod on top of the front metering block). Anyway, bought...
  2. Vanner1993

    fullsize bronco clutch problem!

    I have a 83 bronco, has a 89 460 out of an F450 with T19 out of an 85 F350. The bellhousing WAS a hydraulic bellhousing, I ground it smooth to clear all the mechanical linkages and stuff on my 83 bronco. Now, the clutch/pressure plate is a Hays super truck clutch kit. Everything is set properly...
  3. Vanner1993

    Truck cut out twice, no warning

    1990 Bronco 5.0L 5 speed, I was driving in 3rd and it cut out without warning, cranked and cranked and cranked as I rolled in neutral and finally started with gas pedal maybe halfway on floor. Ran normal, continued home and did it again and repeated what i did before. Made it home, fuel pump is...
  4. Vanner1993

    Back in the Ranger scene

    I've been out of the ranger game for a few years now, sold my 86 almost 2 years now. A buddy of mine came across one and got it for me for nothing. It's an 85 Cab/chassis. 2.8, 5 speed, 2wd. You know whats cool...it has an 8.8 rear in it, I guess only cab/chassis came with that? Anyway my plan...
  5. Vanner1993

    KC's on my Ranger

    I had these laying around and my truck was pre wired already so I mounted them up. I cant wait for the next night trail run hahaha.
  6. Vanner1993

    U Joints...Im just lost...

    I need u joints for my rear driveshaft in my 86 ranger. I would prefer an aftermarket brand or spicer. Im lost with the numbers and such. Is there a specific part number or u joint type my truck uses? I dont want the ones at advance auto as they are a little cheesy.
  7. Vanner1993

    Ford 302 fuel return line?

    I just swapped tanks between my 72 and 74 ford vans. The 72 is a non return line tank, so now I have a return line that has to go to the tanks somehow in the 74. Can I tap into the charcoal cannister line? Any suggestions?
  8. Vanner1993

    Extended cab on standard cab longbed frame?

    I have an 86 standard cab longbed, I was wondering if an extended cab along with the extended cab bed would line up on my frame. I know the extended cabs have a shorter bed on first gens. Possible? I'm thinking about it if it works.
  9. Vanner1993

    Manual console in Junkyard

    I found this in a 98? ranger sport. It had the boot for a shifter so it looked like a good grab.
  10. Vanner1993

    New wheels and flares

    I found some flares on an 86 in the junkyard when i was out in PA. The two on the driver side are cracked and missing pieces but the passenger ones are mint. I bought the wheels off my friend, he upgraded to 15x10's and I wanted aluminum wheels.
  11. Vanner1993

    1354 electric to manual?

    Can you convert a 1354 from electric to manual shift style? I might get one for little or nothing from a friend.
  12. Vanner1993

    Dies, almost stalls when cold

    When starting my truck, it will start and idle for warm up. But if i go to put it in gear (clutch) as I let out the truck will sputter and not want to run. It will sputter if given more then half throttle when cold. This will continue until it warms up, then its fine. Efi shouldn't run like...
  13. Vanner1993

    1350 Jumps out in Low

    My 1350 manual t case is fine in 2hi, 4 hi but in 4 low I have to hold the lever to the side to keep it from jumping out and grinding. I know for a fact that I was the first person to actually use 4 low in the truck as it was family owned. Is there an adjustment? It seems like it just doesnt...
  14. Vanner1993

    Cranks and Cranks....

    Yesterday truck started right up like it should, which is rare haha. Today I literally cranked and cranked the truck and it doesn't even sound like an engine that wants to start, like no spark whatsoever. Finally it came to life smoked and smelled extremely rich until coming to normal idle. Sooo...
  15. Vanner1993

    4 inch lift on my 86

    I bought a 4 inch lift for my truck last week and installed it last night and today. I should be getting 33's this week from a guy. After it was all done I aligned it but I am gonna bring it to work for a perfect alignment (toe). The rear was first, didn't have the money for leafs so for now...
  16. Vanner1993

    Misfire and hard start

    During the winter my engine ran amazing, first crank vrooom. Well finally passed inspection, new top end etc and now its summer time. Morning start nearly kills the battery, just cranks and cranks and cranks without a hit, then I finally get a hit and it slowly comes to life and barely running...
  17. Vanner1993

    Cb radio wierd mic?

    I need a mic for a cobra 18ltd cb. It a non screw style, just plug in. Does anyone know what pin style it is called?
  18. Vanner1993

    Front springs and interior

    Last week my passenger coil tower broke off from rust. Grabbed a mint tower and set of leveling springs out of a Bronco II at the junkyard. Got the tower bolted in, new coils and shocks. I also have been working on my interior, got it out of an eddie bauer Bronco II. The front coils are equal in...
  19. Vanner1993

    Skyjacker 8 inch requires?

    I plan on buying a skyjacker 8 inch lift kit. Besides getting extended brake hoses, do the driveshafts need extending? And what else is recommended? It is an 86 Ranger standard cab.
  20. Vanner1993

    Lightbar on my 86

    I finished it up today, painted with satin black epoxy paint. I'm gonna get 2 more light covers and hook it up. I might put the toolbox back in so I didn't want a roll bar. I am gonna finish painting the frame then this summer a lift kit hopefully 8 inch which will give me total of 11...

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