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  1. Cees Klumper

    no power

    Vacuum leaks affect the engine/running a lot, so check for those - some of the connections on the intake manifold are hard to see and could just be wide open (blanking cap fell off for example). Check whether the brake booster is holding vacuum (basically it should be very difficult to pull the...
  2. Cees Klumper

    84 ford Bronco 2 quits at 45mph

    Make sure to remove the 'spout connector' when setting ignition timing (and replacing it when done). Although that seems unlikely to be your issue. I would also check fuel pressure and flow, the pump(s) may be too weak, fuel filter is clogged or there is debris in your fuel tank. As Ron said, it...
  3. Cees Klumper

    TPS on 89 BRII & Fuel Line 90 BRII

    You can test the TPS with a voltmeter - it is supposed to vary voltage depending on amount of throttle applied and it can be adjusted slightly. The values (between 1 to 5 volt from idle to full throttle? Not sure now) should be somewhere in the forums. I also recommend you check whether the...
  4. Cees Klumper

    Wood burning fireplace for heat

    We have both types in our house: insert with blower, and a separate stove that sits in the room, piped back into the chimney, no blower. The latter is far more effective at heating and we rarely run the insert for that reason.
  5. Cees Klumper

    Stiction eliminator?

    On my '90 Bronco II I started getting lifter tick after I did an oil change with a new to me oil brand, I think it was Castrol GTX. Used the same oil in my son's 1986 Nissan 300zx around the same time, and that then also developed a pretty bad lifter tick. Switched both to another brand, I think...
  6. Cees Klumper

    1988 Ford Bronco II 2.9L Automatic with 4WD.

    Long shot but could there be a vacuum leak?
  7. Cees Klumper

    Fiat 131 build

    Just published on youtube on the Fiat 131 rallye:
  8. Cees Klumper

    Fiat 131 build

    I built a spray booth in my 2 car garage from cheap lumber and plastic sheeting. Intake fan, filters and led lamps, painted 4 cars that came out great. No dust, no overspray anywhere. It can be done on the cheap.
  9. Cees Klumper

    About to replace exhaust manifolds + gaskets

    When I installed a set of those new $500-600 heads (due to coolant loss thru old head) I had to also install a new manifold due to broken off 'ear'. The new heads made for a noticeable improvement in engine power. So x2 on installing hew heads.
  10. Cees Klumper

    Battery/low power light

    Too late for you probably, but thought I would report my experience on swapping alternators / low voltage warning light of last Saturday. It started with me hearing a 'new noise' coming from the engine when I dropped off my wife at her yoga class early in the morning. When I got back home, I...
  11. Cees Klumper

    Engine stals when put in gear

    Could be many things. You should get a code reader, they are not expensive but find the right one (obd1 for this year Ford). Check all components you are not sure about, including wiring, such as IAC, throttle position sensor, manifold air pressure or mass airflow sensor, injectors, ignition...
  12. Cees Klumper

    Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    Sounds like there are issues with cylinder 4 - did you check compression yet (sorry if you reported but I missed it)? If there's an issue with the rings or a valve it could be burning oil, not enough compression etc. Secondly, perhaps the injector is leaking. You could try swapping injectors...
  13. Cees Klumper

    Bad Traffic - High idle?

    Sorry no mechanic, so far I've been able to do all troubleshooting and repairs and maintenance myself with the help of this forum and all the very helpful and knowledgeable people here. There was one neighbor in our marina that helped me once diagnose a faulty fuel pressure regulator, who used...
  14. Cees Klumper

    Bad Traffic - High idle?

    Can't help on the specific cause(s) but just to say I drive around LA regularly including in warmer stop and go traffic and my '90 Bronco II with the 2.9 always idles at a steady 700 rpm 'no matter what'. Only when it's cold it's around 1,100 but that's normal, as is the temporary jump in rpm...
  15. Cees Klumper

    3M vinyl tape

    Thanks for that observation, we removed the top yellow line in favor of light blue. Don't want to send the wrong message!
  16. Cees Klumper

    Stuck at 30psi

    I would think none of the engine, ignition stuff would influence the fuel pressure - should that not be a relatively simple issue, of (1) fuel in tank (2) pumps moving it to the fuel rail via (3) the pressure regulator? Given pressure regulator and pumps are likely to be good, the other...
  17. Cees Klumper

    Engine stutters at about 3K RPM

    I would check all the vacuum lines on the throttle body and intake manifold - nothing loose or leaking, no uncapped vacuum ports? Routing of the lines: are the ones that are supposed to be on the throttle body actually connected there, vs the ones that are supposed to be on the intake manifold...
  18. Cees Klumper

    3M vinyl tape

    To clarify, my wife who is an artist has taken to driving the Bronco II. We live in Marina del Rey / Venice CA and plan to move to Key West in a couple of years. This will fit right in there ...
  19. Cees Klumper

    3M vinyl tape

  20. Cees Klumper

    Oil pressure gauge

    Well I believe you but my dashboard does have a real oil pressure gauge in it, and I am 99% sure it's the original dash etc. I have that bigger sender, the second picture

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