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  1. woodyedmiston

    Niagra to Rochester NY

    Thinking about flying to Buffalo with the wife to see the falls. Then she wants to nap while I drive to Boston. :shok: I've noticed a road from Niagra On The Lake just north of the falls that goes easily..or so it seems .. To Rochester and runs by Lake Ontario. Any Ranger people familiar with...
  2. woodyedmiston

    Bonneville Salt Flats in August 8-15

    Anyone from TRS going to Speed Week?
  3. woodyedmiston

    Remote Oil Filter/Cooler problem

    I have a remote oil filter and cooler kit I purchased from another TRS member some time ago. It's new but seems not to have the right adapter to screw onto the motor or to the filter housing (same threads) The adapter has threads that are slightly larger than the stock Ranger filter adapter...
  4. woodyedmiston

    JUST a limited slip

    As fun and cool as the idea of scoring a completed Explorer axle in 3.73 with disc brakes, flipping it, getting the angle set IS..... (sound of heavy breathing) what is the most simple way to get traction to both rear wheels of a relatively stock 99 Ranger 4.0 with a 5 speed Automatic...
  5. woodyedmiston

    swaybar sizes, front and rear.

    Sway Bar OK - here is my two cents for your consideration. My 1999 2WD Ranger comes with a 1 1/16 solid bar, that is basically a straight bar bent about 8" on the end and flattened for the bolt hole. So . . . I took it off, went to El Lupe's Pick A Part locally, and compared what was up on...
  6. woodyedmiston

    Exhaust Backpressure - some ideas

    In this day of fighting the false god of global warming, engineers may do any number of things to mix, mingle or change the burn characteristics of exhaust flow. Those may change from year to year and as rules change. But in general you do not want backpressure in a performance exhaust system...
  7. woodyedmiston

    4.0 lifters

    Can anyone recommend a lifter manufacturer for the 4.0 that builds quality parts? I'd really like to hear from someone who has done more than one engine or even races the 4.0 and can tell me what to stay away from. It seems you can pay anywhere from $180 to almost 1000 for a set of these...
  8. woodyedmiston

    Steering column

    Hope this doesn't belong in "Interiors" I looked there too and didn't find a thread. Does anyone know of a complete steering column from any Ranger/Explorer newer than 1999 that would be a direct swap into my truck. ( 99 XLT Auto 2WD) With the cost of a new wheel or something aftermarket, a...
  9. woodyedmiston

    MAF - IAC Difficulty

    Cleaned the IAC and the MAF at the same time before I started the truck again. Now the truck does not idle correctly. 99 4.0 Auto should idle around 900 rpm. Now idles so low the truck will die when I put it in gear if I don't watch. What did I do?
  10. woodyedmiston

    Push Rods

    Shaunk brought up the "head question" the other day and someone mentioned pushrods. At that point I tried to go to Deltacam.com and found their domain/website had expired. I'd like to order and/discuss some pushrods for the engine I'm working on. Perhaps some increased lube and the hardened...
  11. woodyedmiston

    2WD Suspension . . . softer

    Can anyone suggest a front spring that would fit into the front of my 99 Ranger SC. I'd like to try smoothing out the ride just a bit when I go through street intersection dips. Also open to other suggestions. You rock crawler, off-road types forgive me for being such a pansy.
  12. woodyedmiston


    Is there an update for my 99 Ranger headlights? I'd like to put the 2006-08 lights in their place - anyone with some experience.
  13. woodyedmiston

    Turning Lights (Not turn signals)

    My Mercury Marquis has turning lights - that is when you turn on your turn signal, a white light shines toward the direction you are turning at a right angle to the car. I really like having those lights in areas where there is no street lights. You can see where you are going to go before you...
  14. woodyedmiston

    Dangerous precedent for Americans.

    Take a look at this article. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/11/30/AR2008113002217_pf.html
  15. woodyedmiston

    Coolant/Temp oddity

    Recently, I towed a rather heavy load (trailer) for about a 100 miles. The ranger did fine but the temp read out around 5-10 degrees higher for most of the pull. The gauge is a manual aftermarket Stewart Warner guage - not the Ford in-dash gauge. I towed in Drive. On the return trip, with no...
  16. woodyedmiston

    Head Studs

    When rebuilding the 4.0 I looke at the all-thread cylinder head bolts and sort of get queasy. I'm sure a Ford engineer somewhere penciled that all out and it's OK and the quick fix is new bolts. BUT . . . I've read a description of how they are supposed to work and wonder how that squares with...
  17. woodyedmiston

    Elec Door Locks

    Is there a body man on this side that can give me some tips to get my elec door locks to work properly. The actuators attempt to push the lock rod when the switch is depressed. The key will lock and unlock the door and the rod moves up and down when the door locks. The actuator seems not to...
  18. woodyedmiston

    Ranger's have balls

    Yep - two of them. I read some sort of warning once about cleaning a block during rebuild and that the two steel balls in the upper valley area - under the intake - need to be driven out through the main bearing oil holes. Here is the question - will they drive back in and stay there or do I...
  19. woodyedmiston

    Front Suspension questions.

    I have a 99 Ranger, 4.0, 5spd auto, 2WD. The front suspension is coil spring with upper and lower A-arms. Mine have over 200k - I have a chance to buy both sides, upper and lower, from someone who lowered his truck and used the aftermarket cool stuff. The take-offs have only 10K on them and...

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