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  1. ssmason85

    Power windows have constant power, draining my battery

    Hi all, As stated in the title of this post, I can roll my windows down with the car off. I bought a brand new battery and that thing will be sucked dry within a week of the car not being driven. I found a 300mA constant draw to the circuit in line with fuse #26. I was thinking of replacing...
  2. ssmason85

    Is this fuel injector ok to use?

    Hi all, I cracked this little plastic piece off 2 of my 6 injectors while removing them from the manifold. Can they still be used if I slap new O-rings on them, or should I replace? Thanks!
  3. ssmason85

    Upper and lower intake manifold cleaning

    I'm replacing the intake manifold gaskets and the fuel rail gasket. I figured I'd try to clean the manifolds the best I can while they were off. Any tips on how to go about it? (98 Ranger 4.0L OHV, upper manifold is plastic). Also, any trick to getting the EGR tube out of my upper manifold...
  4. ssmason85

    Exhaust gasket and manifold removal questions

    Hi all, I wanted to confirm if a gasket is needed where the manifolds meet the Y pipe. I can't seem to find online and this diagram I came across says NR. Does this stand for not required? Lastly, any tips on removing the manifolds? I got a small leak on the passenger side and I wouldn't...
  5. ssmason85

    Changed fuses, now car won't start. Doh!

    Well I pulled another new guy move by replacing fuses I thought were bad, and now my car doesn't start.. I only tampered with mini fuses, wondering if anyone has any ideas. I have an automatic transmission 2wd 98' Ranger with a V6 4.0L. I bought my self a test light, consulted the owners...
  6. ssmason85

    Best OBD scanner tool under $200

    Hey all, I'm looking at getting a scanning tool for home use. Nothing fancy, but something that can read codes and help point me in the direction of an issue in my Ranger. I came across the Bluedriver today and I dig it's Bluetooth compatibility with my iPhone. Anyone out there using this...
  7. ssmason85

    98' Ranger no oil pressure after valve cover gasket replacement

    Hi all, I just joined up today and this is my first thread! I'm a novice mechanic working down list of suggested repairs from a local shop for a 98' Ranger 4.0L v6 OHV I recently bought off craigslist with 156k miles to be a daily driver. I have completely lost oil pressure after swapping...
  8. ssmason85

    Hello from Seattle

    Hello everyone, my name is Sean. I'm a novice mechanic (at best) with an unending persistence to finish projects and a willingness to learn. I have completed mostly basic repairs when needed on various in my upbringing. I build simple and practical furniture around the house, collect...

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