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  1. Sicktight722


    I did a search and really didn't find anything, I found a 1992 4.0L 4x4 ranger for sale, manual transmission is the only thing wrong with it and I was told one of the shifting forks broke.I'm assuming its a M5OD. If this broke what else is probably wrong with the transmission? I located a...
  2. Sicktight722

    code 21 ect out of range

    Hey, I ran codes today and I let the engine idle for about 2 minutes towarm up a little but it was already pretty warm outside. Anyway I got a code 21 which is a ect out of range. would the engine not being warmed up all the way throw this code? I'm also having a problem that when I crank the...
  3. Sicktight722

    rear hitch for Bronco II

    I was wondering what everyone is doing for a rear hitch. I hunt and had a cargo carrier for my explorer that I now want to put on the bronco II. also might do some light towing (12-14ft jon boat). So show me what yall have. I'm thinking about having my dad weld one up for me but would like to...
  4. Sicktight722

    2.9 high idle continues to rev

    hey. I have a 1990 bronco II 4x4 with the 2.9L and a 5spd. The idle seems a little high, but it could also be the rpm gauge. My main concern is when I am driving, when I press the clutch to shift gears or when I put it in neutral to come to a stop the engine revs really high. Most of the time...
  5. Sicktight722

    what gauge wire under distribution block

    hey, simple question. What size guage wire is under the distribution box. All of the fuses are between 30 and 60 I think. Apparently rats once made my engine bay home and I'm trying to piece everything back together.
  6. Sicktight722

    4x4 switch problem

    I have searched the boards and could not find a answer. yesterday I picked up a 90 BII 4x4 with a manual transmission but an electric transfer case. I can push the buttons and none of the lights work (dash lights or the switch lights) but I can hear the clicking behind me. Now if I put it in...
  7. Sicktight722

    so yea...

    ok, so last night me and a buddy when to check out a place that we heard about. there was a lot of trails out there, and it was pretty easy, and we weren't trying to get into anything since it was 10pm when we got there. Anyways, we drove around for a bit, and then on the way back I tried to...
  8. Sicktight722

    first time doing ball joints

    hey yall I took my '89 ranger 4x4 to get an alignment and the shop said my ball joints, both upper and lower were wore extremely bad, half inch play. Anyways, they wanted to put in new ball joints and possibly new steering knuckles and caster bushings (could have said camber bushings) if they...

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