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  1. iceracer60

    I Got to ride in an ambulance!

    ouch! yea ive been pretty busy for a while and havnt really had any time to work on my 85 at all. but now that im starting to get more free time im starting to lurk on here again and am hoping to have the 302 all set to burn rubber by the timethe snow melts
  2. iceracer60

    I Got to ride in an ambulance!

    sorry to hear that Dave, glad your doing good now. where did they bus you to? up here in wausau at aspirus? not a bad place, just expensive as a mother.
  3. iceracer60

    Plymouth Prowler swap, maybe

    ok so heres the deal. my buddy has a 2000 prowler and they only come with 6 bangers in them. after talking to him the other day, he was contemplating having me put a v8 and a stick in it for him. at first it sounded like a great idea to me, but after a while i started seeing the complications...
  4. iceracer60

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    wow, very in depth. awesome work!
  5. iceracer60

    Custom Explorer Chassis Build

    awesome work man
  6. iceracer60

    Mustang Rear

    not true, the 8.8s are about 3 inches wider than the ranger rear because the stang has equal length shafts. got i a mmustang rear in my 85 ranger and it wasnt all that much work. just cut the brackets off the 7.5 and weld on 8.8 as for changing from 4 to 5 bolt, thats easy too. take the longer...
  7. iceracer60

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    that sucks the last guy didnt know what he was doing, i wouldnt give him a dime. looks like your doing a good job by yourself though
  8. iceracer60

    converting to a non ribbed water pump pulley

    alrite so im in the process of putting the 87 ltd roller motor in my 85, but the problem is that i cant get a power steering pump bracket to work because of steer gear clearance issues. i finally found a bracket from march performance that clears the gear, but it mounts in a way that the belt...
  9. iceracer60

    Custom Explorer Chassis Build

    so your gonna drop that engine off at my house later today right? lol just kidding, but i would love to have it.
  10. iceracer60

    Custom Explorer Chassis Build

    awesome welds man, i wish my tigs were as pretty as yours
  11. iceracer60

    lets see your tool boxes!!!

    alright, so weve seen each others garages and welders, so lets see what everyone has for tool storage. this is a snap-on king cab, i used to have it at my last job but it is very heavy with no drawers, so when i got layed off it found a new home in the shop at home. this is my new box at...
  12. iceracer60


    alright so heres the thing. i was planning on using the stock hood on my 85 project. but after stripping the paint i found it rotted beyond repair. so my question is does anyone know where i can get a cowl hood for a good price and how close is the fit on the 3rd gen hoods to the first gen...
  13. iceracer60

    Custom Explorer Chassis Build

    holy shit you do good work:shok:. i wish i had the skills and time to do that. but it looks great man, keep us updated
  14. iceracer60

    need help with a wiring problem!!

    ok so yesterday and today i was wiring up the 302 i am swapping into my 85 ranger. i got everything hooked up for the initial start up and double checked all the wires. the problem is that when i go to hook up the battery its like im running a power to a ground. the only thing that i can think...
  15. iceracer60

    need thoughts on running brake line

    alrite so heres the deal. im in the process of rebuilding a ranger with a 302, and now im to the point where i gotta start running my brake line. what i was thinking was that i could just run the rears right off the master to the axle and put a dist. block there and run to wheels and for the...
  16. iceracer60

    my 02 xlt with cooper discoverer stt's

    this my 02 with the t bars cranked, rockin out the cooper stt's and custom exhaust. was on top of the ruts, got sucked in and humg up on the rails, made for a shitty day climbing snow banks at my old apt idk i was bored on my smoke break at work and thought it looked cool pulling my buddies...
  17. iceracer60

    wondering if a tk5 will bolt up to a 2.3l

    hey i was wondering if the tk5 off my old 2.0 will bolt up to the 2.3. one of my buddies is looking for a trans and is wondering. any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  18. iceracer60

    Bed sides

    hey everyone, i searched and didnt find much on this so sorry in advance if there is already a post about this. but heres my problem, im looking for complete bed sides for a 85 ranger short bed. everything that i have found online is either more than i want to spend, or is just a weld in wheel...
  19. iceracer60

    1985 2wd 302 ranger

    hey everyone, i've been building this for a while now in my free time. i got quite a ways to go yet but its getting there piece by piece. the donor i started with, picked up for a $100 off one of my buddies off comes the body sandblasted and painted the frame new suspension front and rear...
  20. iceracer60

    power steering bracket question

    im doin a 302 swap in a 85 currently, and with the engine in frame i got an 1/8 inch clearance between the steer gear and the lower hose for the power steering pump. does anyone kno if there are any other power steering pump brackets out there. btw my engine is from a 87 crown vic interceptor...

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