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  1. Irokranger93

    New fatal crash

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hSDe4REo0M DEAD ON ONTARIO RT 350 GUYS WHITE FORD RANGER
  2. Irokranger93

    Die ranger

    I'm rid of my old Ranger to find me a more recent... I try new one and I bought (2011 ..I WILL RECEIVE IN 2 DAY)
  3. Irokranger93

    Walmart oil supertech...

    The only thing I have to say about Super Tech oil is the price. Comparing it to other oils of the same chemical make up, it's a little cheaper. Oil is oil, synthetic oil is synthetic oil. The molecules in these oils are basically the same, just a different size and shape. It's the additives that...
  4. Irokranger93

    LMC magazine...

    I already got the magazine LMC truck at home and I want to know if he returns each year by themselves without having to transfer a request to their database... I know who has an online catalog, but I like having paper in my hand.
  5. Irokranger93

    California green... Disgusting

    THE EV1 CARS ELECTRIC.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Motors_EV1 I'm rebelling
  6. Irokranger93

    build a bumper with paint

    a little time to lose today, I said, I going draw bumper for my next mods .. im tell me what I should do on mine
  7. Irokranger93

    Bumper off .....

    voila That is the good way to remove the bumper without the complicating Do not pull with hook not fix the frame, here is the result if ​​you made like him IEfnfOfbsi4 :icon_rofl: :icon_rofl:
  8. Irokranger93


    http://paultan.org/2011/03/23/all-new-ford-ranger-gets-asean-debut-in-thailand-coming-to-malaysia-early-2012/ http://www.facebook.com/#!/fordranger
  9. Irokranger93

    my new spring project

    I had the taste to do a project in one years is a marvel. is a 1993 Ford Ranger xl 2.3L 4 cyl with 145 miles on <<--- look picture album
  10. Irokranger93

    Tire fitment ?

    What size tire is most similar to this size 325x60xR15 31x13R15 31x12.5R15 as well that I know yet :icon_confused: :icon_confused: :icon_confused: I saw bfg all terrain, but I think he doing more (31x13R15) I just buy some alloy wheel 10''and I would like to find my new tires
  11. Irokranger93

    Buying clutch needed on my ranger ..

    hey guys, I purchased a complet clutch for $ 219.43 is that good on rockauto.com buying clutch needed on my ranger
  12. Irokranger93

    Weather in your city today

    What is your Weather at home storm fog cloud warm hot cold blowy moon The weather is bad or it is snowing It rains or it is raining the weather is nice it is minus 5°
  13. Irokranger93

    Power gas

    moth balls in gas.. I wonder what is the reaction
  14. Irokranger93

    to find bizz on craiglist

  15. Irokranger93

    what the difference

    body lift
  16. Irokranger93


    hi everyone, I ask several of you if you be interrested to learn lessons of french, I move anywhere in the united state
  17. Irokranger93

    hahaha New beetle pull a trailler

    look at this video nEngGZYYQVM
  18. Irokranger93

    New smittybuilt winch

  19. Irokranger93

    ZF tranny????

    Ford ZF 5-6 speed transmission fit a ranger yes or no look this site http://www.high-impact.net/transmission_and_gear/zf_5&6spd.htm

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