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  1. ryanohn

    in need of pcm pinout diagram

    so i am looking for pcm pinout for 1991 ford ranger 4.0 and 1992 f250 7.3 pcm pinout. i am trying to splice the two harness together. i would like the pin out so i can start making the new wiring harness and suggestions on websites to find the pin outs and splicing them together. any information...
  2. ryanohn

    divorce np205 twin stick

    so i got a hold of divorce np205, i want to twin stick it. i heard you could have the front in 4hi and rear in 4low, which would be great to to pull my truck around tight turns. should i buy milled pins and modify the ones it has, but also heard you can **** up the pins easily and kill the tcase?
  3. ryanohn

    i want to make a 3/4 ton ranger

    heres a 3/4 ton ranger
  4. ryanohn

    is there a difference between a 4x4 and 4x2 ranger cross members?

    im planing on getting a 4cyl ranger 97 and older model truck. i was wondering if the cross members are the same because i have a Dana 35 ttb out of my old ranger. it would be cool to have a 4cyl 4x4 ranger. if there not the same i have the cross member for 4x4 ranger
  5. ryanohn

    91 on a 89 F250 frame

    so this is my build my 91 ranger siting on a 89 f250. im going to out a 7.3 IDI t18 setup and still nowhere close to finishing before And where i am at Im waiting on my front lift to level out the truck
  6. ryanohn

    Lincoln Lockers 10.25

    So im doing a lincoln locker in my 10.25 semi floating rear for my 91 ranger. so im doing it in the next or so whats best way to do this removing the carrier or welding the carrier still in the axle ?
  7. ryanohn

    4.9l into my 91 will it fit ?

    okay im droping a 4.9l into my 91 ranger will i need to reform the firewall or will it barely fit with 3" body lift ?
  8. ryanohn

    Fuel tank question

    okay so i have 91 ranger and dropin on 89 f250 frame. what is difference between the two fuel tanks. can a long style fuel form a ranger go into f250 frame? or is just better to get a brand f250 fuel frame instead using ranger one. is there difference between them ? and whats the best way to...
  9. ryanohn

    Fullsize frame mounts for ranger body ideas ?

    i would like to get some ideas on body mounts. senice im mounting my 91 ranger on 89 f250 frame. there has to be someone out there who has done this already pics would helpful
  10. ryanohn

    Dana 50ttb

    thanks guys
  11. ryanohn

    Dana 50ttb

    Dana 50ttb lift question? Okay so i have an 89 f250 frame with dana 50ttb that im puting my ranger body on. So how much lift can i push on the dana 50 ttb before i have to get drop axle brackets? I have been told that just puting the ranger body on the f250 frame is like having 5" lift on a 1st...
  12. ryanohn

    Frame cleaning need help

    So i have a 1989 f250 frame for 91 ranger body and i need help about removing the rust on the frame. I almost have it on blocks to be cleaned can i take off the cross members to be cleaned and whats the best way to reattach them ? senice they have been riveted on ?
  13. ryanohn

    lift leaf vs stacking on leafs. pros and cons ?

    So im puting my ranger body on a f250 frame and i was woundering whats better for 3 extra inches. doing lift leaf or stacking leafs to get those extra 3 inches ? i know the ride will suck but its still a work horse ? whats the pros and cons ?
  14. ryanohn

    The begging of my 91 F250 Ranger

    So im building a 91 f250 ranger with a dana 50ttb and 10.25 with 4.9l in it. ive been waiting all winter to start it ive got my donor frame form a 1989 f250 plow truck with a 4.9 five speed manual everything. is geting bored of my 4.0l i want something bigger and more power. until i can get 7.3...
  15. ryanohn

    Hello-Powerstroke runt

    Im buliding a 7.3 powersroke ranger out of 91 reg cab long bed ranger. but starting with 4.9l 300 until i get funds to rebuild a 7.3 powersroke
  16. ryanohn

    Fullsize bronco frame?

    whats the best years for a fullsize bronco frame swap?
  17. ryanohn

    1991 frame

    If i box in my 1991 ranger frame how big of motor could it handle. Im lookin to handle 650+ ft of torque turbo diesel motor ? any suggestions ?

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