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  1. brwntom

    Valve cover leak.

    I just put a new valve cover gasket on because my old one was leaking a little. I bought the felpro rubber one with the brass stops formed into it. It now leaks really bad. There is oil sitting on the lip around the valve cover, every time I stop I can smell it burning on the exhaust manifold...
  2. brwntom


    Its a 2.5 1998 what causes this code? What could i try to fix it? Tom :icon_confused:
  3. brwntom


    Im trying to order my led lights for my cluster on my 98 ranger tonight. There used to be a step by step any one know where its at? Tom
  4. brwntom

    New Ranger?

    I came across a 2003 Ranger XLT just shy of 130k on it. it looks to be in pretty clean condition. They are asking $3800. It has a 3.0 with an auto. 2x4. Cruise, pw. pl. What do you guys think? Tom:icon_confused:
  5. brwntom

    oh.... P1401

    98 2.5 auto trans Ive replaced the egr pressure sensor 2 times. (autozone warranty) still getting the code. the pins are not bent. What to do next? fuel economy is suffering and I do not know what to do! Help!!! Tom
  6. brwntom

    What will happen if I remove the cat?

    My cat has a crack on the outside shell which is causing a decent sized exhaust leak. If I remove this will The truck run different? will the CEL be on? They want $200 to put a new cat on, and i don't have that to spend right now. Tom
  7. brwntom

    running super rich

    I have a 98 ranger, 2wd 4cyl. This last tank of gas went by in only 200 miles vs the average of like 280 miles. There is excessive soot around my tale pipe. I think its running really rich. No check engine light on. What could it be? Tom
  8. brwntom

    Auto Body Tech?

    I got offered an apprentice ship for an auto body tech. I work with my hands a lot so I think this would be good for me. I do not know the salary range for this. Does any one have any idea of what it would be?:dunno: Tom
  9. brwntom

    Got a little mud on the tires

    I just wanted to show off my ranger a little bit. -4cyl -4r55e trans -178,000 mi -air ride load bags -55w hid lights -led interior lights -and a little mud Me and my friend in his 06' duramax went wheeling on his trails this past weekend.
  10. brwntom

    North West Indiana

    Any members up here? Im always looking for people to wrench on my truck with.
  11. brwntom

    upper and lower ball joints

    I have a 98 ranger. Is it possible to change the ball joints without replacing the arms which is what needs to be done according to Haynes Manual? I believe I have done them before but I am not 100% sure. Thanks, Tom
  12. brwntom

    Tune Up Time

    What plugs and wires should I run on my 98' Ranger 2wd 2.5l its got 180,000 miles. Bout time for a tune up here shortly. I did them at 120,000 when I got the truck 3 yrs ago, but since then it has started to idle a little rough. No codes. It dosent burn any oil. it leaks some at the back end...
  13. brwntom

    Transmission Fluid?

    I bought 11 quarts of mercon v for my 4r55e transmission from autozone. Put in enough to see it on the dipstick and started it. went to add some more, one of the bottles was brown fluid. it looked like used fluid to me. I took all the empty bottles back to our local autozone the other day, they...
  14. brwntom

    good rebuild?

    What should I be looking for in a good rebuild for a 4r44e? Tom
  15. brwntom

    Remove and Reinstall 4r44e

    This will be the first time I will be doing any major work with a transmission. My transmission is completely shot. I have a new one that I am going to install. The truck is a 98 2x4 4 cyl. Is there any tips or tricks or just basic things I should know to make this as easy and as painless as...
  16. brwntom

    hangers and shackles

    i will be doing leaf spring hanger and shackle replacement on saturday. any advice would be appreciated. this is the first time I will ever be taking the bed off. is there anything else I should do or be looking for while under there? I bought all of the parts from autozone today and would like...
  17. brwntom

    Large Decal at boomtown?

    soo.. I was at boomtown firework store in merrillville, in. this past sunday. seen this clean lookin red ranger with steel wheels. looked nice. it had a large TRS decal on the back window. where would I get one of those? BTW ur fatmat was lookin nice :icon_thumby:
  18. brwntom

    Air deflector thingy?

    Well, We got a good amount of snow here in North West Indiana this past weekend. At my school there was a pile of snow that was asking to be driven through. Well after a quick look in my rear view mirror i seen this black plastic thingy laying on the ground. It came from upfront, not sure where...
  19. brwntom

    98 4cyl adding a tach

    I have a 98' 4 cyl. it does not have a tach. which vehicles have the correct one for a donor? Is it possible to keep my mileage on the donor? Any info would be verry good. I'm starting from point A here. tom
  20. brwntom

    Something is leaking grr..

    A couple of weeks ago i notice some drips on the ground under my truck. I figured out it was PS fluid. I can not figure out where its coming from. It is all over where the pitman arm connects to the rack, some on the inside of the fender and even some on the PS hoses next to the battery. It is...

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