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  1. tinman_72

    Throttle Position Sensor Reset

    Just Google "how to adjust Ford TPS". It is simple.
  2. tinman_72

    Keyboard recommendation

    rubydist - Logitech is mostly what the local stores carry and I don't care for the mushy feel of the keys. Thanks for the input. Roert42 - That is some good info, thanks for the link Chapap - Tactile sounds like what I am looking for. I mentioned clicky before due to a lack of knowing the...
  3. tinman_72

    Keyboard recommendation

    Anyone know of a good keyboard that will last a while and doesn't have mushy keys? Everyone seems to go all googlie eyed over mechanical keys but I don't like the ones I have seen. The problem I have is that when typing, if my finger so much as brushes against a nearby key, they are both...
  4. tinman_72

    Will a 2000 mountaineer 8.8 fit my 97 ranger

    You have to move the spring perches and I think the shock mounts as well so a little welding is involved.
  5. tinman_72

    2.3L ('83-'97) engine swap 2.3 to a 2.5 lima

    Don't say "can't". I did it to my '93.
  6. tinman_72

    Single DIN head unit with rear USB

    Check out SanDisk Cruzer usb flash drives. They are tiny no need for adapters or dongles. This one is 32GB.
  7. tinman_72

    Does Motorcraft rebox parts?

    I recall a YouTube video popping up in my feed about how there are a lot of counterfeit boxed Motorcraft parts out there.
  8. tinman_72

    1985 ford ranger hydraulic clutch line

    Yes, read post #2.
  9. tinman_72

    INTERNAL PARTS - not available

    Local parts stores only stock items for vehicles that are plentiful today and in the last decade or so. Have you checked online at Summit Racing or Jeg's?
  10. tinman_72

    Cooling system bypass outlet leak - unavailable part needed

    Check again, the part numbers are not the same. ;)
  11. tinman_72

    91 without rear sway bars?

    Rear sway bars were not standard.
  12. tinman_72

    1997 stock 4X2 XLT on factory 14" wheels looking to source 16" wheels before buying new tires.

    The four door Explorers from 2002 and newer have wheels with different offset. They will bolt on but will sit farther inside the fender wells and make them look really skinny. The SportTrac and Sports of that era were still Ranger based and have wheels that will fit your Ranger better.
  13. tinman_72

    Wanted Cruise controls for '97 XLT

    The seller claims it will fit. Do you not have a regular steering wheel?
  14. tinman_72

    Wanted Cruise controls for '97 XLT

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/354092793392 That was just a quick search. You might be able to find them cheaper.
  15. tinman_72

    For Sale 1999 Ford Ranger extra cab for sale

    '99 with a blown up V6 is ideal for a V8 swap. Wish we were closer together.
  16. tinman_72

    2000 Ford Ranger Pickup Blue 4WD Automatic SUPER CAB

    It is 2022 and people still don't know how to turn their phone sideways to take a picture.
  17. tinman_72

    2003 Ford Ranger Pickup Black 4WD Automatic SUPER CAB

    This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.
  18. tinman_72

    1987 Ford Ranger Pickup Grey 4WD Manual

    That $2500 is just the minimum starting bid...
  19. tinman_72

    2000 Ford Ranger Pickup Brown RWD Automatic

    That is the whitest brown I have ever seen.

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