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  1. 09fx4guy

    02 4x4 torsion bar “insulator” pads

    This is one of the things on my list of stuff I need to find for my 09. Mine have not fallen apart yet but the metal backing has separated. I am going to do some research as well.
  2. 09fx4guy

    Air tools.

    I still use some of my dad's air tools: impact gun, cutoff wheel, air chisel, etc. I do it sparingly because we live in the suburbs and have neighbors close by. It can get pretty noisy. The battery technology is improving so much, air tools are quickly becoming obsolete. Ok, maybe not obsolete...
  3. 09fx4guy

    How much discount selling to family?

    I don't like selling vehicles to people I know because it usually results in nothing but problems. But it's whatever you feel like doing. If you and your kid brother are close, and he's into trucks, then maybe go with bottom end of market value. If the truck is worth 5k, and you are into it for...
  4. 09fx4guy

    Please elaborate on what you use to prevent seized brake drum

    You have described my version of hell. I am usually turning the wrong way at first, then realize when it gets tight that I goofed. Then spend more time than necessary upset at the truck and my stupidity. Then I turn it the right way for what feels like an eternity, and get the drums off. I...
  5. 09fx4guy

    2011 Ford Ranger Pickup Grey RWD Automatic SUPER CAB

    I would be curious to know if he ends up getting that much for it. It is a fairly plain jane XLT that is only RWD, not even 4x4 or something super rare.
  6. 09fx4guy

    Upgrade from Factory Pioneer Stereo

    Rubydist- Thank you for looking that up for me. I do recall seeing that (I think) when I was going through my service manual awhile ago. I think I may hold off on the stereo upgrade for now. If anything, I will pick up a replacement Pioneer stereo if I find one in my travels. I recently...
  7. 09fx4guy

    Upgrade from Factory Pioneer Stereo

    rubydist- Yes, mine does have the factory sub in the center console. I would not mind repinning them if I had to. I appreciate you looking for me. Biggsherm1988- I am going to pull the radio at some point, hopefully this weekend. If I have to cut and trim, I may hold off on the project or look...
  8. 09fx4guy

    Upgrade from Factory Pioneer Stereo

    Hello All, I have a 2009 FX4 with the Pioneer stereo option from the factory. It has served me very well over the years. The only change I made was upgrading the speakers to Pioneer G series a few years ago and since then I have always been happy with the system. I recently started thinking...
  9. 09fx4guy

    Rigid Foam Insulation?

    rumblecloud- It sounds like you have a pretty decent setup and plan. It will probably heat up quite well in there. I look forward to your progress.
  10. 09fx4guy

    Rigid Foam Insulation?

    I would be a little more concerned if you were insulating your house, but considering you are insulating a pole barn, I would not be as concerned about being 100% perfect. If there is a gap between the wall covering (whatever you are using) and the insulation, there should not be much of a...
  11. 09fx4guy

    Fixing up 'Grandpa Gold' 1991 Ranger 4x4

    Nice truck! I look forward to your progress.
  12. 09fx4guy

    05 4.0 serpentine belt squeal

    Just curious, what brand belt did you use? I have had brand new belts squeal on me (not specifically on the Ranger), and replacing the belt actually solved the problem.
  13. 09fx4guy

    Taxes and older Rangers

    Superj- VERY true, property tax here in NJ is pretty high.
  14. 09fx4guy

    Saw nice truck

    As a kid I would have turned my nose up at a 300 I6, then I got older and smarter.
  15. 09fx4guy

    Taxes and older Rangers

    Holy Cow! I will never move to Virginia. That is insane that you can be taxed on a vehicle AFTER you buy it. Don't get me wrong, I know in NJ we pay between 60-75 per year for registration, but that is at least manageable. I could not imagine being told that I would have to pay roughly $700 PER...
  16. 09fx4guy

    Good brand for wheel bearing hub assembly?

    Rockauto has the Moog or even Timken ones for between 120-160, which is not a bad price. What brand did you use first? Also, you have to buy the whole assembly for the front, the rear is where bearings can be replaced by themselves.
  17. 09fx4guy

    Ok guys, lets see your project lists....

    The first thing on my list of projects is to make an entire list of my projects, what is required for each project. Then see what my budget allows. Vehicular only- Ranger core support, front end work (ball joints, tie rods, etc. ) Grand Marquis- front end work (ball joints, tie rods, etc.)...
  18. 09fx4guy

    6x6 Ranger

    Honestly, kind of neat, but I don't think that would be practical for my purposes.
  19. 09fx4guy

    AC Works but Compressor Short Cycles

    Get yourself a set of gauges from Harbor Freight, they usually go for about $50. Then you will be able to get a more accurate reading on how the system is behaving. It may sound like a lot of money compared to those cans that come with the little gauge with the trigger. However, not knowing the...
  20. 09fx4guy

    2008 Ranger

    You can also go for the Torsen, I think they still make the style that will fit the ranger with either 28 splines or 31 splines. I have one in the back from the factory and it does so good, I installed one in the front. Rear discs will be a little hard to find on a Ranger 8.8, although there may...

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