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  1. organic

    hunting and fishing is disgusting!

    deep fried, I'd eat twigs all day.
  2. organic

    Concealed Carry Pistol Thread

    http://www.charterfirearms.com/ Check this out. Rimless revolver, no more moon clips. Charter Arms Pitbull .40 cal. These guys are local here to CT. I guess they'll probably come out with a 9mm next.
  3. organic

    hunting and fishing is disgusting!

    Seems like people don't hunt as much as they use too. Well, In my small part of CT that is. Lots of deer around, Tags just don't get filled.
  4. organic

    external coolant leak

    I had a coolant leak while driving, after stopping looked under the engine and saw a large drip comming from the bottom of the water pump. must be the weep hole - i replaced the water pump and started it up and guess what, still leaking. I isolated it to the housing that the water pump bolts on...
  5. organic

    misfire and skipping when cold

    my truck has been acting up when cold for 3 weeks now, skips and bucks when i give it gas and all this goes competely away once it is warmed up. I've been waiting for it to throw a code but i don't even have one pending. anyone got any idea what it could be? if it was a sensor should'nt it show...
  6. organic

    44 hub tries to lock itself while driving???? wtf??

    Before I bought my Ranger the previous owner said the same thing, said the drivers side hub would engage on its own. It's never happened to myself, but I did replace the wheel bearings right after I brought it home and the outer lock nut was way to loose, could have been the culprit, not really...
  7. organic

    Best AR chambered in .308 Win/7.62x51 mm NATO?

    Yeah, I've been doing some reading on the Armalite Ar-10 and the DPMS LR-308. I'll have to look into the remington.
  8. organic

    Best AR chambered in .308 Win/7.62x51 mm NATO?

    The reason I ask is because my main hunting rifle is chambered .308 Win. After shooting my friends AR-15 (.223 Rem) I've been day dreaming, and figured it would be nice to have an AR chambered the same. I have been doing some research, well more like reading. Just wondering what you all think...
  9. organic

    Trying to understand final crawl ratio?

    I guess whats got me confused is running larger tire size. When you use the calculator to determine final crawl you have to plug in your diff ratio. What if your running a larger diameter tire with your stock ring and pinion? The bigger tire would in turn make your 4.10's more like 3.20's...
  10. organic

    Max degrees rear pinion angle for short wheelbase, SOA rigs?

    I haven't measured but my guess is my pinion is about 22-25 degrees(maybe more). The lift was done by the previous owner. The front looks like it was also moved up alittle, not much. I think in doing so the knuckles pivoted down and the caster is way off, I think thats some of the reason why...
  11. organic

    Max degrees rear pinion angle for short wheelbase, SOA rigs?

    Thanks 4x4Junkie, Yeah I was concerned about lubrication issues. Seems like it hasn't been a problem so far. I'm going to drain the rear soon, I'll give it a good look through just to make sure everything's ok.
  12. organic

    Max degrees rear pinion angle for short wheelbase, SOA rigs?

    Like the title says, How much can you clock the rear pinion, especially for a short WB with a soa? Seems like the pinion's pointing towards the sky, is there any problems running it like this? Is the only alternative a wheelbase stretch? Any advice appreciated, paranoid new CJ5 owner.
  13. organic

    New Toy, an old CJ!

    Noticed it on my way to work yesterday, stopped by today and after testing her out I made the deal. Luckily it was only a mile or so from my house so I wasn't to worried about driving her home illegally. Definately needs work here and there but she runs really strong. God those old...
  14. organic

    took a drive in my woods

    We had alot of rain last weekend, this mud was just way to tempting.
  15. organic

    5.13s VS 5.14s

    ^Thats your answer.
  16. organic

    Where's the Ranger commercial?

    All you ever see is the fullsize, and those ads aren't even that inspiring.
  17. organic

    rear upper shock mounts, where to buy?

    I've had a hard time finding these at the regular auto part chains. You would think they would stock them along with the rear leaf hangers, especially in rust country. Is this a Ford dealer only part?
  18. organic

    premium membership?

    I was just wondering if the premium membership for the year was still 10$? The only form I could find was dated 2007.
  19. organic

    Stock ranger with 4.56's

    The Tech Library says some rangers came with 4.56's from the factory. I guess they must be very rare, because I've never came across one. Does anyone know what rangers to look for? Was it just fleet trucks, or fx4 models?
  20. organic

    Manual Transfer case?

    I'm wondering if any of the newer rangers(98-08) can be had with the manual case? Is it only availabe with the fx4? I'm looking at getting an 08 sport 4x4, but can't find one with the manual case. Any info greatly appreciated.

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