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  1. 1986broncoiister

    Thats no good!!

    people need to learn lmao :dunno: i bet he learned his lession :icon_thumby: http://youtu.be/IEfnfOfbsi4
  2. 1986broncoiister

    need help???

    well i have a bronco ii po chopped the top.. so im going to seal the cab witch do you think will look better and work better.. I was thinking of using a explorer rear hatch to seal it just because its made out of metal but dont know if it would look good? or i could use a b2 rear hatch...
  3. 1986broncoiister


    Does anyone know if picknpull is going to have the thanksgiving sale and if so when ?? thank and yes i did go on there website but it does not say.:dunno:
  4. 1986broncoiister

    What should i do???

    im debating either to make a soft top for my bronco ii or build a closed off cab what do you guy think i need your thoughts on it thanks :icon_confused: "CLOSED CAB" OR "SOFT TOP"
  5. 1986broncoiister

    man i feel dumb

    does this look correct to you guys??
  6. 1986broncoiister


    Well looks like i wont be making a metering block first off i decided to take the carb off tonight to give it a inspection when i pulled it off one of the ears was broke off the carb :sad: then i took off the valve on the back and there's a old bees nest in it :icon_surprised: hmm lol looks like...
  7. 1986broncoiister


    could i possibly use this http://www.autozone.com/autozone/parts/Spectra-Premium-Fuel-Pump/1984-Ford-Bronco-II-4WD/_/N-ik80pZ8vcz2?itemIdentifier=191411_173883_4967_ ?? it says it runs at 5-9 psi ? in stead of messing around with my old fuel pump thats leaking lol
  8. 1986broncoiister

    in need of advice?

    well i have began the duraspark one question i need answered is do i keep the charcole canister??? and yes i did search haha lol:icon_twisted:
  9. 1986broncoiister

    I Dont know???

    http://www.mcneilracinginc.com/2011/09/ranger-to-raptor-conversion/ i dont know if i like this i wish the nose would be more up and not pointing down what do you guys think??
  10. 1986broncoiister

    look what i found

    i found this in my bronco i have all the orig booklets...... i wish i had this
  11. 1986broncoiister

    84 bronco ii build

    :yahoo: well i finally got a bronco ii again its already chopped not really what i wanted but any bronco is good for me :thefinger: the things i want to do are paint,lift,make a top,and what ever comes along lol this will be a very slow build
  12. 1986broncoiister


    why why i cant get a bronco ii out of my head lol i miss my bronco i think im going to get another one :bawling:
  13. 1986broncoiister

    well sold the ranger 2 weeks ago but!!!look inside hahaha lol

    i bought a 1986 ford mustang 5.0 gt new project :yahoo: just going to clean the hell out of it and make it run p.s i only spent $250 to buy it heres some pic i might make a build thread but its really going to be slow thanks for looking and the black one is what my plans are for paint any...
  14. 1986broncoiister

    need a little help again lol

    well im wanting a cold air intake system but my 88 2.3 has the iac valve on the air box so i was looking and the 90 has it on the throttle body will the 90 throttle body fit???
  15. 1986broncoiister

    need advice on i beams??

    if i cut were i show then add a extension/bend will that work the extension would be 3" on top 4"on bottom to act like a bend??????
  16. 1986broncoiister

    air intake????? for 88

    is there a adapter for a 88 2.3 iac valve so i can make a air intake???
  17. 1986broncoiister

    whats is this for?????

    i have a 88 2wd 2.3 and i need to know what this is mine does not have it its empty hole for mine
  18. 1986broncoiister

    need help!!!

    alright thanks thats kinda what i thought thanks alot
  19. 1986broncoiister

    need help!!!

    i just bought a 88 2wd ranger and i was wondering if 89-92 dream beams would work on it???? thanks
  20. 1986broncoiister


    :sad: SOLD my bronco ii today i know im going to miss it very much funnest lil rig i have ever own>>> might get a ranger 2wd though hopfully i will lol well i will be back lol

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