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  1. Hawk1339

    EXCELLENT PDF wire diagram for cluster 92-93

    An old thread but maybe someone might find it useful. I still have the document referred to in the conversation but I no longer have the website where it once was available. If anyone wants a copy, let me know, I can email it, or if there is somewhere to post it where anyone can get it.
  2. Hawk1339

    Sector shaft leak

    A leaking sector shaft seal seems to be a common problem on Ford worm & sector steering gearboxes. Mine was leaking so I undertook a rebuilding as described in this Tech Center article: http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/Fall2008/steering_box_rebuild.htm This is not too terribly...
  3. Hawk1339

    Cooling line leak

    I haven't owned an automatic transmission since 1972, so they're a strange animal to me. I took a quick look at a friend's 97 2.3 Ranger that was dripping something from the front of the engine compartment on the passenger side, and as best as I could tell in the fading daylight is that a...
  4. Hawk1339

    Purchasing shackles/hangers

    Sixteen winters did a number on the leaf spring hangers and shackles on my truck- one shackle disintegrated completely, the other is teetering. Time to replace. No local auto parts store could source these parts. The local Ford dealer wanted $230 plus tax for the kit- 2 hangers, 2 shackles...

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